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Welcome to Iconsby__, the personal icon and graphics journal of brittania. Feel free to browse and take what you like, so long as you follow the rules (below).

If you're having trouble finding something, search through the tags. Or to see a list of all celebrities and models visit:


I do take requests for icons subjects and alterations. Just comment on any post or go here.

[x] COMMENTING isn't required, but is always appreciated. When you comment it lets me know what you like and what to produce in the future.
[x] HOTLINKING IS NOT ALLOWED. Save the images to your computer and use your own webspace or free image host (like Photobucket or Image Shack) to store images on the web.
[x] TEXTLESS ICONS ARE NOT BASES unless specifically stated. Therefore, do not alter them in anyway, including adding your own text. If you would like text added to a particular icon, just ask me in any post and I'll gladly do it for you.
[x] CREDIT is required. Do not steal my work and claim it as your own. If you don't know how to credit, just look at the diagram below:

If you'd like to be affiliated with me, just comment on my most recent post with the username of your graphics journal.