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im new
my name is kaitlyn and i like to make icons
heres some new icons i made...

made completely by me: (pictures with my camera)


and heres one with credit for the picture from http://www.missteenarkansas.org/


please tell me what you think! these arent my best, i make more of aim icons if you want to see a couple i have submitted some to http://www.iconator.com/ just search llamaswerinUGGs

thank you <3  llamax_hi_flexu

Quick Note

My animated icon maker is being a complete pain in the ass and I may not be able to make anymore icons soon.

On that note, _01010101 has graciously offered to help me out.

If you have requested an icon that has not been filled and would still like that icon, could you please re-post the request here and one of us will get to it.



I'm in desperate need of another animated icon maker. It's become to the point where there are just too many requests for me to handle by myself. If any of you are interested could you please leave a comment here and a sample of an icon you have made. The icon could be of anything, not just Michael Phelps.
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