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Nero's Icons

formless like wa-er, the forest.?
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[Friday July 14 2006 @ 1:50am]

[ mood | crappy ]

Kingdom Hearts 2 x 31

Nice hardware.Collapse )

XD OMFG. I'm sad I know.

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[Friday June 23 2006 @ 10:22pm]

[ mood | exhausted ]

OMFG I'm so proud of myself. 54 icons in one day. XD *shot*
OKAY! SO! Here's the rundown! Most are Variations, but STILL!

Capcom/SNK Icons
[02] Chun-Li (Street Fighter Series)
[02] Haohmaru (Samurai Showdown Series)
[02] Ken (Street Fighter)
[04] Ken & Ryu (Street Fighter) - XD take 3 of em which ever way you want to. Yes, I am a closet Ken/Ryu shipper in case you ask.
[03] Mai Shiranui (King of Fighters/Fatal Fury (?))
[06] Kula Diamond (King of Fighters)
[04] Kyo Kusanagi (King of Fighters)
[02] Morrigan (Darkstalkers)
[05] Nakoruru (Samurai Showdown)
[01] Ryu (Street Fighter)
[05] Ryu & Chun-Li (Street Fighter) - Again, take four of them whichever way you wanna. *closet Ryu/Chun-Li shipper too*
[05] Sakura Kasugano (Street Fighter)
[03] Terry (Fatal Fury/KoF)
[08] Iori Yagami (KoF)
[01] Zangief (SF)


Comments are appreciated.
Credit is a MUST if you take anything.
Got any questions? Don't hesitate to ask teh Nero.
Yes, I know I'm totally missing Blue Mary, King, Athena and Rock. T___T I totally wanted to add them but I could hardly find art of them. Send me some links and I love you long time.
Yes, Iori/Kitty is teh sex. Don't deny it.
Yes, I went aww at the image of Iori giving a kitty milk. It made me feel squishy on the inside. *shot by Iori*
And most importantly: ENJOY. Tell your friends too. *skitters off*

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[Friday June 09 2006 @ 5:02pm]

[ mood | *points to akuroku* <3. ]

O_O Oh snap. With Saix caps and a new liking to Saix/Xemnas, I made icons. I went icon happy with Saix. OMFG.

[10] Saix
[04] Saix/Xemnas
[01] Xemnas
15 total

I can hardly wait.Collapse )

You take, you credit, simple as that, yo. Taking Organization XIII requests now. request while you can.

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[Sunday May 07 2006 @ 1:02pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Oh snap. I bring you 13 YGO icons- okay 11, since 2 are gifts that WILL NOT be taken.


Jounouchi x 03
Episode 224 x 02
Seto x 01
Bakura x 01
Kisara x 01
Revolutionshipping x 01
Mokuba x Jounouchi x 01
Devotionshipping x 02
Yami Yuugi/Atemu x 01

crash dive, yo.Collapse )

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ICONS! [Tuesday April 25 2006 @ 9:06pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

OH SNAP. I've got no life basically and I made somewhat of a songset by crossing over Utada Hikaru's 'Sanctuary' (the Kingdom Hearts 2 theme) with YGO. O_o I think it came out pretty nice. And a bonus if you can figure out who's supposed to be who. Well for Yuugi, Anzu, and maybe Kisara.

Icons 1-10 = Sanctuary by Utada Hikaru
#11 - Seto

Formless like WaterCollapse )

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Tekken 5 icons! YAY! [Tuesday April 18 2006 @ 9:11pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

OMGWTF. Tekken 5 icons. They're just the 3D renders, since I'm too lazy to hunt for some decent caps. There's only 9 now, but there will possibly be more in the future. Aw, what the hell~ T5 request period! Request your characters while you can! You want me to use a certain picture? send the link to meh!

Here's the deal!

- Comment if you're taking, or if you at least admire my crappy skillz.
- Credit is a must if you take any of my babies. I find you didn't credit, I'll personally be pissed off and probably not make anymore icons.

Heihachi x 02
Jin x 05
Kazuya x 02

- >> I know they're variations, but I'm a picky person!

In You and I, there's a new land...Collapse )

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[Thursday April 13 2006 @ 5:02pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

OH. SNAP. FTW. two icon posts in one day. Ah, the joys of having vacation. Most of them are alternates, because I'm a picky girl. The Rundown:

17 Kingdom Hearts CoM Manga icons
- Sora/Namine x 03
- Goofy x 03
- Donald/Goofy x 05
- Donald x 01
- Sora x 01
- Namine x 03
- Sanjuushi (Sora/Donald/Goofy) x 01

NOTE! I colored the CoM bases, save for the Goofy, Donald, Sora, and Sanjuushi ones. Those were taken from the CoM cover. You are free to use the bases as you please, but you must comment and credit me for the coloring should you take a base. If someone says they colored them I will be highly unhappy! Those were a bitch to color, and I'm pretty damn proud of them!

Tsugaru ~apple mix~Collapse )

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[Thursday April 13 2006 @ 10:18am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

OMG KH2 Icon update! The Namine/Riku ones were done as a request, and I couldn't decide if the text/textless looked better so I went for both. WARNING: Spoilers for Twilight Town, and Riku if you: a) don't have KH2, b) haven't gotten to the World the Never Was. And Yes, I adore the ripped pages look, and I reccomend they be used on white backgrounds, but do as you please; meaning be sure to credit and comment if you take/like.


Axel x 03
Roxas x 02
Roxas/Olette x 01
Namine x 01
Namine/Riku x 02
Roxas/Axel x 03
Riku/Yuffie x 01

a little less sixteen <s>icons</s> candlesCollapse )

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KH ICONS! [Friday March 24 2006 @ 12:36pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

ZOMGWTF. I have an unhealthy obsession with Roxas/Olette thanks to omame. >> I like it way more than Roxas/Naminé though.

Roxas/Olette x 07

You know you like them together. Don't deny it. *shot*

I believe that she was the actual one waiting for him. And guess what? She's right there in front of him. Always.Collapse )

I'll add more icons later. O_o when I get my hands or more caps. This is also a slight request period. Request while you can.

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[Tuesday March 07 2006 @ 11:53pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Subject: The boys (Men, whatever *shot*) of Yuugiou GX - - -
Total: 32/100
Last Updated: June 04, 2006.
Added:Foreign, Vertigo, Understanding, Smile, Sugar, Nirvana, Crush.
Resources: located @ iconage____.
Notes: Two months without updating. Damn I'm sad, even moreso, I made these icons A LOOONNNG time ago.

The icons are right this way!Collapse )

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[Sunday February 26 2006 @ 6:28pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

ZOMG with bases shanked from ssb_graphics, Nero had fun.

Here's the breakdown!
[03] Zelda/Peach
[01] Zelda/Link
[01] Link/Ness
[01] Samus
[01] Fox McCloud
[01] Peach
[01] Bowser and some dude who's smackin the sh!t outta him. It might be Captain Falcon. Not sure.

Warnings: Naughty Language, Perveted lookin Fox, and Yuri!

You take, you credit. simple as that.

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[Friday February 24 2006 @ 11:27pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

ZOMG! I bring icons of my GX OTP! >> luff them I command you to!

[03] Asuka/Manjyome
[02] Daichi Misawa
[02] Marufuji Ryo
[01] Asuka snark

You take, you credit.
I need more affection than you know...Collapse )

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KH icons! [Tuesday January 31 2006 @ 6:12pm]

[ mood | blah ]

Nero updating with her craptastic icons of doom and destruction. I went on a KH II binge, and If you don't wanna see icons from the intro, then don't click. I will not be responsible for your wangst over having KH II spoiled for you. With all the icons popping up around here, I don't see how one refrained from seeing a peek of it.

Here's the breakdown!

[04] Kairi
[04] Sora
[04] Naminé
[02] Roaxs

[14] Total

-Textless icons are NOT bases.

I should ask questions, but maybe later.Collapse )

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[Tuesday January 24 2006 @ 6:38pm]

[ mood | awake and happeh! ]

O_O 8 new YGO icons. Remember viewers, I do Kisara and the pairing of Kisara and Yuugi no justice at all.

[02] Kisara/Yuugi
[03] Kisara
[01] Priest Set
[01] Kisara base (O_O craptasic!base of doom!)
[01] Priest Set/Pharaoh Atemu
08 icons total

You take you credit.

The stars fell from the sky one by one..Collapse )

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[Tuesday January 24 2006 @ 1:19am]

[ mood | awake. and accomplished. ]

Nero: O_O OMFG! an update!!!!! 04 YOG icons this time. Yeah I know. Sadness. You take any, you credit.

[02] Peachispping (YuugixAnzu)
[01] Kisara
[01] KisaraxYuugi (reconquista calls it Vividshipping. >> Pretty.)

A Nostalgic color fills the window...Collapse )

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5 King of Fighters Icons [Friday December 30 2005 @ 11:50pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Yay! I bring you 5 KoF icons!

[04] Yagami Iori
[01] Rugal Bernstein
[05] total

You take, you credit. Simple as that.

Playtime's Over! Cry! Scream! And die!Collapse )

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[Friday December 30 2005 @ 6:30pm]

[ mood | bored, angry, furious. bleh. ]

YAY! KH2 icons. It's been a while! heheheh.

[01] Sanjuushi (Three Muskateers) Sora, Donald, and Goofy
[01] Naminé
[01] Kairi
[01] Donald
[01] Roxas (BHK)
[01] Sora/Maraluxia
[01] Ansem
[01] Donald & Goofy
[01] Naminé/Sora

09 Total

Warning: Potty mouth Sora! Oh, and Donald has a foul Mouth too.
O_O It's like. Deja Vu or somethin.Collapse )

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[Tuesday December 20 2005 @ 4:18pm]

[ mood | naughty ]

Oh yeah. Live community, live. 7 anti_polarship icons done in style. Plus one Puppyshipping one. Cuz Puppyship pwns Polarship anyday. I also don't own Magma snark from X-Men Legends. She's awesome when she says it too: "Guess you lose, huh?"


..guess you lose, huh?Collapse )

Oh yeah. I rock.

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[Tuesday December 06 2005 @ 9:54pm]

Oh baby I've gone all out. So all out, I'm probably posting this in my own journal, and my icon one. You are warned. Seto has a dirty mouth, and disrespects almost everything that is thrown his way. He is especially pissed off at the masses of prideshipping fanbitches who like making him impregnate or marry Yami. Oh, and making him carry Yami's children You know who you are. This is for you. I went on an icon binge and almost no Seto pairing was spared. heh. Sure, I used only 2 caps to make 13 icons but hot damn it, it was fun finding all the sayings to go with 'em. Note, I know what asexual means, but damn it, Seto might as well be.

Asexual, bitches.Collapse )

Ohhh baby am I gonna get it.

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W00t. [Saturday November 26 2005 @ 6:41pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

I come bearing non-challenge icons! O_O OMFG. completely bored. The Kaiba/BEWD one is my favorite.

I also had YGO/DDR on the brain so yeah.

Yami Malik/ Yami Bakura : End of the Century
Kaiba Seto/ Kujaku Mai: Rhythm and Police
Jounouchi: Burning Heat
I am taking requests currently. Single Characters Maybe shippings. If you know me pretty dern well, then you know what not to request.
You take, you credit, you know the drill.

Total Icons: Eh, 9 I think.

And Yes, Priest Seto IS a sexfiend.


OMFG!Collapse )

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