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Welcome to Iconaddiction_!
Brought to you by moderators:

So if you've been looking for a place to post your graphics and didn't want to start your own community, don't have posting access to another, or want cool graphics then you've found the place for you!

Purpose: This is a community for graphic makers of ALL skill levels. Feel free to share your art (icons, FO banners, fan art, headers..etc.) with us all. Constructive criticism and advice are always welcome.

1. No promoting of other communities. If you would like to be an affiliated please contact a mod.
2. Absolutely no bashing. While constructive criticism is welcome, this community is a place for all graphic makers and we ask that you repect everyone's work. No bashing or you will be banned.
3. No hotlinking!!! Don't know what hotlinking is? Go here! If you are caught you will be banned!
4. No request. Unless a poster says they are taking request from other members, please do not request graphics.
5. This is not a help community.
6. If you would like suggestions or advice, please state somewhere in your post: SUGGESTIONS, or ADVICE, or something of that nature.
7. If posting icons do not post less than 3 at a time. You can use three as teasers and then please put the rest behind a LJ-cut. The same goes for any large graphics.
8. If the post ask for credit, please give credit in user info or in keywords
9. Moderators reserved the right to delete any posts or ban members if these rules are not met. Please read all rules before posting. If your post is rejected, re-read the rules to find out why.
10. Most importantly, we believe that making graphics should be fun. So please feel free to share and most importantly enjoy yourselves.


please upload to your own server.