Is anyone still actively interested in this community?
If so, I will keep it running, promote it like crazy, and update it.
Just looking for a general tally from our members or even non-members. Thank you!

Also, if you have any suggestions or ideas feel free to mention them to me!!! :)

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The Verdict Is In.


Unfortunately I feel this post is
necessary seeing as the feud in the
last post is not really ending.
I'm not here to pick sides;
I'm just here to say who's right
and who's wrong based on the rules.

The rules clearly state:
"6.) If you must promote here OR request,
then do so under an LJ cut."

So icepixie_4 had
every right to promote.

The rules also state:
"8.) Members who don't follow
any of the rules and have no class,
will be banned."

So boomstick is our
first, and main offender there.

It is classless and beyond rude
to say that someone's community
looks like "shit". Communities take
time to make and promote and calling
it "shit" is just flat out mean.

icon_thieves_ does not want
rude people as members. We would rather
have five polite members than three hundred
rude ones. In other words, QUIT IT!

Support each other. If you notice,
almost every time someone posts icons,
either rhps424 or myself
thank them for sharing even if we don't
take any of the icons. We want people to
know it's appreciated that they took the
time to post here.

As members, that is not your
job but it is your job to help keep
icon_thieves_ a happy place.

I am now considering having "probation"
for members who do not follow the rules.
First offence will be 'probation'.
Second offence will be 'kicked out' for some time.
Third offence will be 'banned'.

But seeing as we do not have
that rule as of now,
everyone is the community is being warned;
BE KIND or be kicked out.

!!Be cool or be cast out!!

So everyone take a breather and cut the crap
and we can once again be a lovely community.

<3 Your mod,