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An Everything Icon Challenge

Where Anything Goes

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Welcome to Icon Challenge, the icon challenge community where anything goes! Each week, a new round starts with a specific TV show, movie, actor or TV episode theme. You have until the end of the specified time to submit your entries relating to the theme.

This community was created by [jazzling]. Your co-mods are [lady_maethoriel] and [raptoe].

Current Challenge: [Challenge 19]

Please read the rules, there aren't many!


This community is run off GMT time. Here is a clock to help you figure out what time that is in your timezone: [here ]

[ 1 ] Each round runs from Monday at approx. 0700 GMT to Sunday at approx. 0700 GMT.
[ 2 ] Voting will take place from Monday at approx. 0700 GMT through to Wednesday at approx. 0700 GMT.


[ 1 ] You may submit your icons through two ways: Via email [iconchallenge[at]gmail[dot]com] or by commenting to submitions/theme announcement posts.
[ 2 ] Don't worry, we upload all icons to our own photobucket account so that we do not hotlink.
[ 3 ] You may submit one icon only per challenge. Unless stated otherwise.
[ 4 ] Places are first, second, third and Mod's choice.
[ 5 ] All icons must meet LJ standards: 100x100 pixels maximum, 40Kb maximum, must be saved as GIF, JPG or PNG.


[ 1 ] The voting will be posted on Monday at approx. 0700 GMT. It will display all icons submitted with corresponding numbers. You will fill out a poll of your top three choices.
[ 2 ] Only members of the community are allowed to vote.
[ 3 ] You are not allowed to vote for yourself.


[ 1 ] Winners will be announced on Wednesday at approx. 0700 GMT.
[ 2 ] Each winner will receive a banner incorporating their icon and placing within the week.


Please comment to one of the co-mods posts to affiliate.

Challenges and Awards
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