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Temp. Hiatus

as I am leaving the country for a short while I have to wait with placing a new challenge here.
However I will be back within two weeks..

However I would like to ask wether there are people here who are interedted in helping me out with making banners and helping me mod this place. Sadly my two collagues are too busy/ left the community and we are in dire need of people who can help me with running things.
If you are interested please leave a comment here..
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Challenge 24 - Sing a song

[X] Time Frame: Monday 1st of August until Sunday the 13th of August 07.00 GMT
[X] You may submit up to three icons per challenge
[X] Can be animated or a still
[X] It must be in LJ format (40 Kb and max. 100 X 100)
[X] You can use any picture that you want
[X] Use the right format for entering, which would be the link to the image and the image itself
[X] At least four words fo the lyrics

U2 - OneCollapse )

Kaiser Chiefs- everyday I love you less and lessCollapse )
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Winners - challenge 23

And here are the winners..
Sadly yet again I had to disqualify some votes as the only voted for one or two icons instead of four.
Anyway due to this we had ties all around... congratulations to all!
Banners of these and past challenges will follow shortly and I will post a big ass new challenge tommorow which last two weeks.

And here are the winnersCollapse )
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(no subject)

[X] Vote for FOUR icons per challenge, not more or less.
[X] Don't vote for yourself

Yes indeed a revote, sorry for the inconvience blame it on my stupidity! -_-;
As we have 21 entries you can vote for 4 icons as we will give out 1st to 5th place and mods choice..

The IconsCollapse )
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New Rules and A revote

Okay sorry people we need to a revote.. I am very sorry but thi was my all my fault due to my lack of patience.

1. In the spam filter there was some entries.. sadly I didn't take the time to wade throught it and find them but now I did and thus it is no more than fair to let these users compete as well. I take the blame entirely one me as I should be more watchfull.

2. Some users still can't grasp the simple concept that voting should be fair and thus voting for yourself or let friends vote for you is very very sad and NOT allowed. When I see this happen again I will ban you from competing in the upcoming three challenges. A second warning will be leading to a ban from this community. Sorry to be so mean but we want people to win on honest votes and not due to their flist.


To avoid trouble in the future, when you mailed your icons than let us know. Please leave us a comment in the entry section with that you have done so, I will than comment back to confirm it so that everything is cleared.

Against my sincerest apolagies for this.

Poll will be up shortly
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