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Pure beauty.

i heart art
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This is the place for artists and lovers, surrealists, realists, cubists, beatniks, musicians, dancers, bohemians. To put it more simple terms: ARTISTS! Come, join together in fabulousness, and share what you have made/want to make/have seen/want to see...simply anything darling. As long as it is about art of some form, it shall fit in marvelously. C'mon now, show us your beauty!

now, listen up, when you join you should make sure that your first post includes the following exercise (completed).

explanation of exercise:
i give you a word or a group of words, and then you give me the first word that comes into your head when you hear that word/group of words.
EXAMPLE: feather --> bird


1. egg
2. monkey
3. perfume bottle
4. wax
5. smoke
6. lips
7. mirror
8. pill
9. skull and crossbone
10. needle

need any assistance? just ask demode_vinyl (your mod)