February 2nd, 2005


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Well, Hey Hey to all my fellow friends and people who like to A) read my journal or B) Mooch around in communities I'm in.

What better to do than join yet another community I'm in? One full of laughter, fun and games... and sometimes.. even girls wearing beanies.
Now, I'm advertising the community, but the communitys so fucking awesome. I made you read this text, because posting a banner that would just
get ignored, That will not do! so check out heavenly_dorks if you want to check out a rating community thats a little more
than just rating on looks, we discovered people have personailtys too..

Just make sure that when you apply you tell them that, "Mafia Did it."

first kiss

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Ok so I deleted cartmenpunk's application, due to the fact she refused to fix it. Her problem I suppose. However this week's theme shall be...IDOLS!!!Post a pic of your idol(s) and tell us why you idolize them. Merci Beaucoup.

♥ Your Loving Mod Tammy