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[ x ] fic dump

TITLE: fic dump!
PAIRINGS: homin, jaechun, yunchun, hosu, yoomin, and yoosu.
NOTE: there's a lot going under this cut, alright. i've been so busy posting to every pairings respective communities that i damn near forgot about the hug comm OTL. i hope me doing this doesnt violate any rules, even though i don't see anything in them saying that it does. anyway, tho. the lot of these can also be found on AO3, if you wish to read them over there. some of them have the AO3 links in them, but not all, soo i'll just put my psued link right here. everything under the cut! ♥.

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[Fic] Be Loved

Title: Be Loved (1/1) Hug Mini Bang Challenge--Holiday: Christmas Eve
Author: [info]radioheading
Rating: R, language and violence.
Characters/Pairings: Junsu/Yunho
Warnings: AU. Really, really, really AU. Warnings for cutting.
Word Count: 5197
Summary: Yunho meets a stranger on Christmas Eve, and finds he has a chance for change, because Junsu is nothing short of a miracle.

( Want to be loved, want to be loved for real... )

2 Fics + help_haiti Offerings

peanuts or pretzels
jaejoong/yoochun; 450
jaejoong + yoochun on a plane is really not as catchy as snakes on a plane.

at the beginning
yunho/junsu; 9,300
yunho didn't like junsu until he did. trainee fic.

I am also participating in the help_haiti's Lightning Round II by offering fics. Info about how it works can be found in the post and my thread is here. You can also offer your own services (fic, icon, layouts!) or see if there are any other fandoms you like that people are willing to create for. YAY FANDOM. :)

When You're Gone

Title : When You're Gone
Pairing : Jaechun, Hosu, Yoosu, Jaeho
Genre : idk a little angst, a little romance... combination in between
Rating : PG-13
Warning : lame story?
Summary : Yoochun is away in Japan, leaving his Junsu alone... Or is he that alone?

A/N. My first time writing Jaechun and using this kind of writing. Anyway it's a prompt from DBSK pairing generator and it's short

Anyway, comments are loved <3


5 drabbles

The tea leaves remain floating.
PG; Changmin/Yoochun

( Sex with Changmin is like a roller coaster ride. )

Sometimes when we touch.
PG; Jaejoong/Yoochun

( What are you thinking again silly? )

Choking perfumes
PG; Yunho/Yoochun

( Yeah, they stink like hell. )

The first time I touched him, it was like coming home.
PG; Yunho/Junsu

( even if it was only for that moment. )

Bad breath in the morning.
PG; Jaejoong/Yoochun

( Jaejoong breathes onto his palm and inhales deeply. )
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Sapphire Blue ~ ” How to steal a million”

Title:  Sapphire Blue ~ ” How to steal a million”   
Author:  nickyevans
Chapter: Prologue
Genre: AU,action/adventure,comedy,romance
Fandom: Super Junior,DBSK,Original Character(s)-mainly; slightly mention(s) of Big Bang,2PM,ARASHI,NEWS
Character(s): ~ main characters~ Park Jungsu(Leeteuk),Park Yoochun,Kim Heechul,Han Geng(Hankyung),Kim Young-woon(Kangin),Kim Jong-woon (Yesung),Kim Ryeowook,Kim Kibum,Akane Yuki “Soo Jin”(Original Character 1),Kim Jaejoong,Hyoushou Svetlana”Hyun”  (Original Character 2 ),Shim Changmin,Kim Tae Goon(Taegoon)~secondary-role characters~ Choi  Siwon,Lee Sungmin,Lee  Hyuk-jae(Eunhyuk),Lee Donghae,Shin Dong-hee(Shindong),Jung Yunho,Kim Junsu,Cho Kyuhyun ~ slightly mention characters~ Big Bang members,2PM members,ARASHI members,NEWS members.
Pairings: ~mentions of~ Park Jungsu(Leeteuk)/ Original Character 1,Kim Jaejoong/ Original Character 2,Kim Heechul/ Han Geng(Hankyung),Choi  Siwon /Lee Sungmin,Jung Yunho/ Kim Junsu

Summary:  “How the hell did we get into this “How to steal a million thing”?Well lets just say I have stupid friends with idiotic ideas”
A/N:When I first thought of this fic I had in mind a friendship-type of fanfic with an adventurous side.The main idea still remaines but I put some romance in it even though the fic explores more of the friendship bond between the characters.Sorry if I made mistakes ,English isn’t my first language^^.  This fic is dedicated to my awesome Nee-chan, my twinnie  Autumne Rose Hyoushou (Lj user :hyoune )



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