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[fic] Ward 8A

Pairings: OT5, (hinted)Homin, Gen
Rating: PG for language (probably)
Genre: Friendship, AU, Angst
Warnings: Be prepared for angst. lol
Word Count: 2577
Author's Note: Apologies for not editing it yet, I'm having a headache and my brain is just mush right now T__T. For more read at the end

Ward 8A

[fic] Wasurenaide (Don’t Forget)

Pairings: OT5, Gen
Rating: PG for language probably
Genre: Friendship, AU, Angst
Writer: cookieshim
Warnings: Be prepared for mediocre writing. lol and major angst
Word Count: 2125 (Gosh I'm so proud of myself. Finally a oneshot over 2000!)
Author's Note: None for now. Read on if you like. haha by the way this is a separate one-shot from Aitakute, they are in no way related, though there might be some similarities;)

When you lose something you can't replace.

[fic] The Messenger (1/7)

Title: The Messenger
Pairing(s): OT5, Gen
Rating: PG for language maybe
Warnings: First attempt at AU, inexperienced writer here
Genre: Mainly drama, friendship, mild crack, AU, general
Writer: cookieshim
A/N: This fic is set in an alternate universe. Anything can happenXD
Summary: Changmin finds company with the help of a messenger.

All he had was a charcoal grey device- a messenger.

[fic] Aitakute

Title: Aitakute
Pairing(s): Gen, OT5
Rating: PG
Warnings: Deals with memory loss and partial blindness(?)
Genre: Angst
Length: Oneshot (Word count: 907)
Writer: cookieshim
A/N: This is my first time posting in a communtiry ;_; please don't be so harsh on me T_T
Summary: Changmin does not remember. The others help him.

I miss you, but I don't know who I am missing

catch me three

title: catch me three
rating: pg-13
length: one-shot
pairing: yunho-centric, ot5
summary: less is more; yunho finds that he's had a lot more on his mind since the three of them left.

( six years later when there’s only the two of them still standing, it’s the roar of the stadium that brings him to his knees. )
YooSu_hand in hand

[fic] Contract Killer [chapter 9]

Title:  Contract Killer ~ What if tomorrow never comes? Yunho/oc,  Junsu/oc, Yoochun /oc
Pairing(s): Yunho/oc,  Junsu/oc and others
Rating: PG-13 to NC-17 (just to make sure)
Genre: Drama / Angst / Romance
Summary: Their purpose is simple: They kill whoever they are paid to kill; they live in the shadows of their former selves, waiting for revenge, or for love...

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( Do you want to die? )