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[FIC] Milk Residue

Title: Milk Residue
Pairing: Yunho/Jaejoong
Rating: Explicit
Length: Chaptered

Summary: Jaejoong doesn't even like sports and he's pretty sure Yunho is way out of his league. He'd rather watch on the sidelines as his favourite team tries to make a deep-run in the playoffs and maybe even win the cup, but a puck to the face is probably not the right way to do that. Good thing Jung Yunho, captain of the Colorado Avalanche hockey team, doesn't think so.

Part 00

Note: Hello everyone! It's been a while but I hope you'll give this fic a chance :)

Kim Jaejoong’s Mission to Get Shagged Senseless 1/?

Title: Kim Jaejoong’s Mission to Get Shagged Senseless 1/?
Pairings: Yunho/Jaejoong
Rating: PG13- NC17
Genre: Smut, Fluff, Humor, Romance, Slight Drama
Length: Chaptered
Summary: When Jaejoong picks Yunho as his official target, the pair try their best to fulfill Jaejoong’s one true desire. If only there weren’t so many random obstacles getting in their way.

“Okay pictures, and then we shag?”

A/N: Happy Spring to all my lovelies all over the world and thank you for all the birthday wishes and messages! Oh yes… Yay! Happy Birthday to me! *throws confetti*

And just like last year, I give you all a gift for my bday! (Because that’s normal xD) I will start this short (long?) chaptered fic (which I haven’t even finished D:) in hopes that once I started posting, I will feel motivated enough to keep writing on a regular basis this summer since I’m on break.

I know the quality of my writing has gotten worse, I can feel it. I hope I can improve this summer! D:

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[FIC] Prank Wars! - Chapter 11

Title: Prank Wars
Author: spirit_queen24
Pairings: Yunjae, Yoosu, Yuchun or 2U 
Ratings: PG-13 for now
Warnings: None
Genre: Angst, High School, Romance, Comedy
Length: 11/?
Summary: Jaejoong has a crush on Yunho, and of course, Yunho doesn't know about it! And Jaejoong's biggest thing that he hates is PRANKS. But Yunho loves them! So what happens when Yunho asks Jaejoong and Junsu, Yoochun and Changmin to have a prank war with him? Of course Jaejoong would do it!!!!!! BECAUSE HE WAS IN LOVE WITH YUNHO!!!! But what happens when Yunho discovers the other's secret and uses it against them? What happens when a prank goes wrong?! Did that even go through their minds when they were pranking?

Chapter 11