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[FIC] Milk Residue

Title: Milk Residue
Pairing: Yunho/Jaejoong
Rating: Explicit
Length: Chaptered

Summary: Jaejoong doesn't even like sports and he's pretty sure Yunho is way out of his league. He'd rather watch on the sidelines as his favourite team tries to make a deep-run in the playoffs and maybe even win the cup, but a puck to the face is probably not the right way to do that. Good thing Jung Yunho, captain of the Colorado Avalanche hockey team, doesn't think so.

Part 00

Note: Hello everyone! It's been a while but I hope you'll give this fic a chance :)


re意識 (au contrant) — three of ???
pg13, 8575w.
it seems that with trying a different writing style and story type i've come to pen quite a few things on the "homin do not"'s list. changmin holding his tongue and being so easily persuaded, for examples. it's painfully out of character. remind to me to never do it again after this story is over. chapter warning: highly light and casual mentions of blood from here on out. nothing gory.

changmin laughs outright, not resisting the wide smile that forms across his face, and it doesn’t feel any kind of strange to be sharing a slice of chocolate cake with jung yunho, former wolf out for his head and now his liege. the dessert is finished between them almost too soon, and changmin leans back into his seat, hoping that the grin lingering around his mouth does the feeling of content curdling up in his throat some semblance of justice.)


re意識 (au contrant) — two of ???
pg13, 3282w.
something light for spirits day. this story is unbeta'd and consists of some intermediate level werewolf and vampire themes. comments are

(“his arms will be out of commission for a while,” yunho intones flatly. changmin swears he catches a phantom of a smile on his mouth.)


re意識 (au contrant) — one of ???
pg13, 4340w.
something light for spirits day. this story is unbeta'd and consists of some intermediate level werewolf and vampire themes. chapter warning: minor violence, attempted assault, and language. comments are ♥

(someone reminds him of his used-to-be bestfriend’s brother. the last thing changmin expects after that is for it to actually be him.)

[FIC] Frozen Heart 3 & 4

Title: Frozen Heart
Author: countingcr0ws
Pairing/ Characters: Yunjae
Rating: PG
Form: Chaptered
Genre: AU, Fairy tale, Fantasy
Summary: Prince Jaejoong has a frozen heart from a curse when he was young, and Prince Yunho itches for to explore beyond his kingdom.
Also known as the one where Jaejoong has fairies or the one where Yunho has a talking horse.

one , two , three , four , five , six

[FIC] Jaejoong's Boyfriend Tag!

Title: Jaejoong's Boyfriend Tag!
Author: countingcr0ws
Pairing/ Characters: Yunjae
Rating: R?
Form: One-shot
Genre: AR, Crack, Romance
Warning: Bad writing???
Summary: Part of a famous group on Youtube for their Korean and English songs, Jaejoong does a boyfriend tag video with long-time childhood friend Yunho after multiple requests from fans only for it to be sickeningly sweet and horribly childish.
*retching noises*


[FIC] Your Personal Dakimakura

Title: Your Personal Dakimakura
Author: countingcr0ws
Pairing/ Characters: Yunjae
Rating: G
Genre:AR, Crack, Romance
Summary: Yunho's doesn't understand why his otaku boyfriend has a dakimakura(body pillow) of Akihito (the uke from Viewfinder) when Jaejoong is the ukiest uke to ever uke. Independent research yields nothing until Yunho finally sees Jae-MAN topless.

[fic] Ward 8A

Pairings: OT5, (hinted)Homin, Gen
Rating: PG for language (probably)
Genre: Friendship, AU, Angst
Warnings: Be prepared for angst. lol
Word Count: 2577
Author's Note: Apologies for not editing it yet, I'm having a headache and my brain is just mush right now T__T. For more read at the end

Ward 8A