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[fic] Every Little Thing

Title: Every Little Thing
Pairing(s): YooSu
Genre: romance; friendship
Rating: PG
Length: 1-2 / 5
Summary: Junsu is in love with Yoochun for quite some time but can't seem to tell him so at some point that makes Junsu start to think about why he fell in love for Yoochun in the first place.

( Every Look)

(Every Smile)

TVXQ - Always 5

[Fic] Three Drabbles

Title: Soccer
Genre: General
Rating: G
Summary: Junsu embraces earth.

Title: Partnership
Genre: General
Rating: G
Summary: Changmin is a rather unsentimental person. It doesn't lessen the more important truths.

Title: Pandora's Box
Genre: Angst
Rating: G
Summary: Yunho goes through his attic.

I Found Him First- Chapter 2

 Title : I found him first

Pairings : Yoosu, Minsu , Yunjae and other pairings will come
Rating : pg-13 (maybe)
Length : chaptered
Genre :Romance(maybe)
Summary : Kim Junsu, a middle school student life changed when he meet 2 man with different personalities. What happen when 2 of them after junsu. Who will junsu choose ?
Plot : this story adapted from manga moekare, but just the beggining, the rest is my imagination

a/n : this my first fanfic that i post. sorry if there lot of mistakes. and comment will be great.

chapter 1
new chapter chapter 2

Loving You Finale - Chapter 10 B

Genre: Romance, Humor, Drama
Rating: NC 15
Pairing: Yoosu

Summary: Before they were YooSu they were simply Yoochun and Junsu. Two strangers from different worlds. They start off on the wrong foot and matters only get worse when they are forced to live together. Will they ever learn to respect, trust and possibly love each other? A coming of age story about dreams, friendship, brotherhood and most of all.....a story about love


"Hyukie stop shouting! Do you want the whole world to know?"

Junsu looked around the dorm terrace to see if anybody was lurking around. Luckily it was empty as most of the trainees were either in the Lunch hall or in the practice studios.

"And technically you stole my first kiss."

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