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[Fic] Leaking Life (PG) Yunho

Title: Leaking Life
Pairings: Technically none. but i'm a diehard yunjae fan, so there are minute implications. very minute.
Rating: PG
Genre: Angsty-ish
Word Count: 1,150 what a nice number
A/N: Written for jaegiya who asked for something to make her cry. I don't think this will, since it's my first attempt at angst (weird, I know) but it's quite sad? And Yunho's the main focus because Jaejoong needs a break in angst fics, haha.

Summary: A whine tries to claw its way up his throat and he bites his lip harshly, piercing the soft skin. Blood begins to trickle from the open wound ever so slightly and he can feel the liquid slowly sliding down his chin. The blood's escaping just like his heart is.

( There's a painful pulse running through his body..." )

Uh... enjoy?

[Fic] Unequivocally Yours (PG) MinSu

Title: Unequivocally Yours
Pairings: MinSu; minor YunJae
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff-ish, Humor-ish, Angsty-ish
Word Count: 5,943 + notes
A/N: This was supposed to be next in line as a general DBSK member one-shot. And wasn't meant for Changmin's birthday. And then I dropped in on min_su got sucked into Minsu because of itsplashes's stories, dawdled and mentioned Changmin's birthday, and YunJae snuck in there like it seems it'll do from now on.
This started out as a serious stream-of-consciouness narrative in Min's POV, degenerated into mini-crack and birthed emo!Junsu. I'm sorry to put whoever clicks on the link through this, but there were just enough parts in the story that redeemed it to me so...

Summary: Changmin had been watching Junsu from the beginning. He never expected that an accident the morning of his birthday would end up letting him do more than watch.

(There had always been just the slightest hint of hero-worship in his eyes...)

JJ Heart

[Fic] Confirmation (PG) Yunho

Title: Confirmation
Pairings: What feels like OT5, Looks like YunJae, Is actually just Yunho-centric
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff-ish, Humor-ish, Family-ish
A/N: Written for Yunho-sshi Forum's Birthday One-shot Contest. It got second place, although I was just proud to have gotten a vote at all. If you're a Yunho-fan, and you haven't already, join the forum and get in on the fun. The requirements was to include the following words: cake, Bambi, Yunho-sshi, Gotcha!, pink icing, manly, and boxers.
Takes place before the SMTown Bangkok concert and also before it was revealed that there was a press conference and DBSK wouldn't be able to get to Thailand until late night, so there are some discrepancies.

Summary: An early birthday present from a fan, a week of activity and finally it's time for the SMTown Bangkok concert. But it's hard to go through the day when no one seems to remember it's your birthday.

( The boxers were blindingly red... )