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Sapphire Blue ~ ” How to steal a million”

Title:  Sapphire Blue ~ ” How to steal a million”   
Author:  nickyevans
Chapter: Prologue
Genre: AU,action/adventure,comedy,romance
Fandom: Super Junior,DBSK,Original Character(s)-mainly; slightly mention(s) of Big Bang,2PM,ARASHI,NEWS
Character(s): ~ main characters~ Park Jungsu(Leeteuk),Park Yoochun,Kim Heechul,Han Geng(Hankyung),Kim Young-woon(Kangin),Kim Jong-woon (Yesung),Kim Ryeowook,Kim Kibum,Akane Yuki “Soo Jin”(Original Character 1),Kim Jaejoong,Hyoushou Svetlana”Hyun”  (Original Character 2 ),Shim Changmin,Kim Tae Goon(Taegoon)~secondary-role characters~ Choi  Siwon,Lee Sungmin,Lee  Hyuk-jae(Eunhyuk),Lee Donghae,Shin Dong-hee(Shindong),Jung Yunho,Kim Junsu,Cho Kyuhyun ~ slightly mention characters~ Big Bang members,2PM members,ARASHI members,NEWS members.
Pairings: ~mentions of~ Park Jungsu(Leeteuk)/ Original Character 1,Kim Jaejoong/ Original Character 2,Kim Heechul/ Han Geng(Hankyung),Choi  Siwon /Lee Sungmin,Jung Yunho/ Kim Junsu

Summary:  “How the hell did we get into this “How to steal a million thing”?Well lets just say I have stupid friends with idiotic ideas”
A/N:When I first thought of this fic I had in mind a friendship-type of fanfic with an adventurous side.The main idea still remaines but I put some romance in it even though the fic explores more of the friendship bond between the characters.Sorry if I made mistakes ,English isn’t my first language^^.  This fic is dedicated to my awesome Nee-chan, my twinnie  Autumne Rose Hyoushou (Lj user :hyoune )



How did we get into this? )

[one-shot] But I DO care (Rating: G) Mains: Yoosu

Title: But I Do care
Pairings:Yoosu, Yunjae
Rating: G, some alcohol and cigarette use
Warnings: unbeated
A/N: The promptline was title of a old song name, loosely translated to But I Do Care


”Micky Yoochun of Asia’s hottest boy band Dong Bang Shin Ki is rumored to have an affair with one of the fellow band colleague, Yongwoong Jaejoong. The fans are in fury about this story, as a blossoming relationship between him and band colleague Kim Junsu was proven to be true not so long ago, after many years of cat and mouse game with the media.”

I guess love has no reason, and returns nothing but pain.

It's never enough

Title: It’s never enough
And you catch yourself trying (but should be read AFTER)

Everything you’re not
It was enough


Pairing: Yunjae
Rating: g


“Where will you go?”

Yunho looked up. His eyes were sad. There was nothing else there, just sadness. The type that crippled you and held you down and broke you, little by little.


Its never enough

Ayu and Tat on X-mas

[fic] Iljimae

Title: Iljimae
Chapter Title: Summer evening on 1994
Author: neitoperhonen
Pairing: Future Yoosu, Yunho/FC, Yoochun/FC
Rating: PG-NC-17
Genre: Mafia-verse, action, drama, romance
Summary: A story of a man who sacrifices his life to find the man who murdered his father.
A/N: No Yoosu yet but they will appear soon enough

Character profiles: http://neitoperhonen.livejournal.com/312702.html#cutid1


Chapter 1

Everything you're not

Title: Everything you’re not
Type: Oneshot, but should be read after

Dreams &

pairing: yunjae
rating: pg
Genre: romance, angst,
Summary: She was everything he could never be.

A/N: Hey guys! Here’s the 3rd one, thank you so much for reviewing. It means alot to me! And I hope you like this as much as Smile ^^


She could give him everything, but all you had for him was secrets and heartache; only you and all you had to offer him was hurt. You would’ve done anything to protect him from your broken heart.

Everything you’re not


Title: Dreams
Type: Oneshot, Prequel to


pairing: yunjae
rating: pg
Genre: romance, angst,
Summary: Sometimes, Jaejoong lets himself dream

A/N: I know I posted this at (hug____) before, but I’m putting it up again as the prequel to Smile. I’m very sorry and I really hope I don’t confuse anybody!

Sometimes at night when Yunho’s breathing was even against his neck and his were arms wrapped around Jaejoong’s waist gently, as though they were alright and everything was going to be okay, and that this was enough, Jaejoong let himself dream.



Title: Smile
Type: Oneshot, but should be read after Dreams
Pairing: yunjae
Rating: g
Genre: romance, angst, drama
Summary: Yunho is holding an engagement ring in his hands and he doesn’t really understand.


And you don’t think you’ve ever felt so far away. Inside you’re laughing hysterically, and you don’t know why, but you can’t stop yourself. Won’t stop yourself.
Because all you wanted was to fall in love. And maybe you already have. But you can’t take it back. Won’t take it back.

Ayu and Tat on X-mas

[fic] Longing

Title: Longing
Pairing: Yoosu
Rating: PG
Genre: fluff
Disclaimer: I own the story, not the guys in it
Summary: Yoochun is feeling down, Junsu comes to cheer him up
A/N: Dedicated to xiahki who needs a bit fluff in her miserable life.
Un-betaed, I read it over but there still might be some typos/weird sentence structures but it's also trying to be artistic and different.

I want to ask how he found me, how he knew where I was but the words just won’t come out and I lean to his side, his touch warm in the chilly night.