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[mod] a few notes

As some of you may have already noticed, locofruitcake and yosna have stepped down from their positions as moderators, due to time constraints and other commitments. Please do join us in thanking them for their hard work and wishing them the best of luck – they've been an immense help to us, and we'd like to express our gratitude for their time, support, and efforts.

That being said, we will not be soliciting new moderators at this time. As such, we would deeply appreciate it if members would refresh themselves on the rules and tags & posting guidelines, and double-check their posts in HTML mode before posting.

Sign-ups for dbsk_bigbang are still open, and we strongly encourage everyone, especially artists, to sign up. Please also spread the word in any way you can!

Thank you!
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[mod] yet another reminder

Members, please read.

Time and time again, the moderators have made posts reminding members of the rules; as tiring as it is for members to continually see these posts, these rules are still being broken daily. This is frankly unacceptable and we'd like to remind all members that to be a member of this community, you must read and abide to both the community rules and the tag, rating and posting guidelines. These are resources to help you, and we highly encourage everyone to check these rules and guidelines before posting.

5. All fanworks must contain a valid rating (G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17), both in the post content and in the tags. Fanworks should have only one rating; for chaptered works, rate by chapter. If there is not a tag for your rating, it is not a valid rating.

8. Do not change the default font size, family or color outside of the cut. Remove all font and span tags from your entry before posting.

10. All entries must be tagged. Again, see the guidelines for more details as to how to tag your post.

If your post was deleted, it:
  • contained infractions that were not corrected within 48 hours, or
  • broke two or more rules, or
  • contained disallowed content (such as a poll, character biographies, an advertisement, or a request), or
  • broke any number of rules and was made by a member who has already accumulated three strikes.
Note that deleting moderator comments is considered an infraction.

Once more, all requests of any nature should be posted to dbskficfinders. Note that the usual community rules (no font changes, tag your entry, &c.) do apply, and infractions at dbskficfinders are recorded.

If you have any questions the rules and guidelines cannot address, feel free to contact a moderator.
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[mod] reminder

To the members of hug______,

It has been several weeks since we implemented new rules in the community and we appreciate all the feedback we've been given. We're working hard to make sure this community is well-organized and we're happy to see the members working hard to abide by the rules as well. However, both old and new rules are continually being broken, and so we're issuing this small reminder on our most-commonly broken rules.

8. Do not change the default font size, family or color outside of the cut.
Outside of an lj-cut, different sizes (big and small), typefaces, and colours are not allowed. Please avoid making more changes outside of the cut than necessary, including bolding, italicizing, underlining, or god forbid striking your entire post. Copying and pasting from a basic word editor such as Notepad or TextEdit (as opposed to MS Word, &c.), as well as posting in HTML format, will help avoid accidental font changes.

5. All fanworks must contain a valid rating (G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17). Fanworks should have only one rating; for chaptered works, rate by chapter.
A fanwork should only have one rating and one corresponding rating tag; if you are unsure of what your work's rating is, rather than making a post with the rating PG-13/R/NC-17??? see the rating guidelines. Chaptered works should not have a "comprehensive" rating (PG-NC-17) but instead be rated individually, so that each chapter has one specific rating. Remember that ratings such as NC-15, M, and T are not accepted in this community.

11. Links to previous chapters must be posted horizontally.
Note that this means all links, regardless of how few or how many there are, should be on one line, like so: chapter one, chapter two, chapter three.

7. All images (excluding fanart and fanmix thumbnails), embedded materials and lengthy text must be under an lj-cut.
All fic banners must be under an lj-cut. The only images allowed to be outside of a cut are thumbnails for fanart and fanmixes; fanvideos are not allowed outside a cut. Additionally, if your author's note and/or summary are more than 30-40 words, we strongly advise you to put it under a cut.

Seeing these rules for the first time? Catch up by reading the community rules! Note that the community dbskficfinders has been created for all fanwork-related searches. If you're looking for a beta, a fic, or a home for your plot bunny, please direct your searches there; any searches on hug______ will be deleted immediately.

Remember that a post breaking more than two rules is subject to warning and immediate deletion, and we will act on deletion at our own discretion. After a user has accumulated three strikes, posts breaking any rule will be subject to deletion without warning. Please help us to help you by fixing any errors quickly and avoiding repeat offenses, and do re-post your entry (once fixed, of course) if it is deleted.

Please do not ignore comments from a moderator, and do not delete our comments or attempt to delete the ! violation tag from your post. We're here to help this community run smoothly, and we're much more inclined to be helpful and lenient if you act quickly and professionally! We know having so many moderators on the staff working 24 hours is a big change, but we hope that this will encourage you to double (or triple!) check your posts and remember to abide by the rules we've set for everyone. :)

Thank you for your time, and don't forget about hug______'s layout contest! The prize is 1,500 LJ tokens and the submission deadline is in two weeks.

With love,
Your mods ♥
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[MOD] Layout Contest Updates and a Reminder

Hey guys!

Sorry we haven't been getting around to the layout contest. To be honest, that's due to the lack of entries. So after a discussion, we decided to extend the deadline to October 17th 2008 at 12:00 A.M. GMT. Please do join us! We really look forward to every entry you guys send in.

Requirements, prizes, and other information are posted here if you don't remember.

And in case you haven't notice, a quick note:
"Entries posted to hug______  are now friends locked by default. The rules in regards to locking remain the same, so you can still unlock fanworks rated lower than R. Yay."

Questions/Comments/Suggestion? Please direct them here or at hug.mods@gmail.com (:

Thanks, Mai.

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Hug's Layout Contest!!!

H U G ' S  L A Y O U T  C O N T E S T  ; J O I N  U S ! ! !

Woah!!! So, we finally sat down, talked this through, and decided to host one! We know it's feels like forever since hug______ had a proper custom made layout. And we also know that there are many talented graphic designers among the members so please, join us! :D

Collapse )
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[MOD] New Rule & Reminders.

Hey again!

1. As the community has decided there will be no linking out to locked entries. Members of Hug should not have to friend anyone, abide by any arbitrary time frame, or join any other community to read works posted here. This is in line with our long-standing no advertising policy.

Thank you all for your input on this. As you can see it really was a vast majority decision.

2. If you see plagiarism, report it. Please, please report it to us. We will deal with it immediately. We have a lot on our plate working to tag the community and keep it in order; we're not necessarily going to cotton on as quickly as you guys are.

3. This is a message to anyone who posts to Hug. Firstly, don't ignore mod comments. We're here to help and happy to help. Ignoring us will get you warned, continuing to ignore us while constantly breaking rules will get you banned for two weeks.

Secondly, follow the rules. Lock R/NC-17 rated entries/crossposts to the community and do not change the default font family, size or color outside of the cut. We've been doing a lot of deleting. It isn't fun. At all. We don't like doing it, and it's for things that can be really easily fixed. Before posting please read the posting rules and guidelines. And, if you need to, the HTML tutorial.

Thirdly, remember to tag your entries when you post!

A huge thank you to everyone who's been supportive of us mods. I guarantee you we're working our butts off for this comm. And a big thank you also to everyone who has been really, really awesome about following the rules & posting guidelines.
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[MOD] Housekeeping & a Poll - Linking to Friends Locked Entries

Hey again!

Firstly: a massive thank you to everyone's who's been following the new rules & everyone who's started tagging entries using our nifty new tags. I know there have been a lot of big changes in a short time and most of you guys have been really, amazingly awesome about them ♥

However, some rules are being repeatedly broken.

1. Ratings are: G/PG/PG-13/R/NC-17. You must use these ratings when posting to Hug.

2. All posts containing or linking to R & NC-17 rated material must be locked to the community. If you're going back and tagging your posts please lock old posts as you tag them.

3. Do not change the default font size, family or color outside of the cut.

I totally understand that posting in Rich Text makes this tricky, and I'd encourage you guys to try out HTML format to bypass this issue entirely. If you are using Rich Text Format to post entries your text in Word has to be the default, or you'll need to remove formatting by copy & pasting it into Notepad before the Update Journal box.

This really isn't hard. It really isn't, and we're here to help you get it right.

4. Banners. It's 300x100 or 200x200. No bigger!

If you can't fix your entry within three hours of mod comments we'll delete it. If you break more than two rules in your entry we'll let you know and your post will be deleted immediately. You're welcome to repost with the proper formatting or to contact us for help. Thanks :)

And to the point of this post: posts linking out to friends locked entries. Instead of a mod decision, we want to ask you guys for a consensus on this.

This poll is closed.

Should members be allowed post links to friends locked entries on Hug?


(Poll will be open until midnight on Saturday the 2nd, GMT)