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[Fic] Be Loved

Title: Be Loved (1/1) Hug Mini Bang Challenge--Holiday: Christmas Eve
Author: [info]radioheading
Rating: R, language and violence.
Characters/Pairings: Junsu/Yunho
Warnings: AU. Really, really, really AU. Warnings for cutting.
Word Count: 5197
Summary: Yunho meets a stranger on Christmas Eve, and finds he has a chance for change, because Junsu is nothing short of a miracle.

( Want to be loved, want to be loved for real... )
beautiful voice su bw

[Secret Santa for junsu_hyung] Something in the air tonight

Title: Something in the air tonight.
MinSu, YunJae if you squint and examine with a magnifying glass.
Rating: NC-17 Warnings: Character drunkenness? Christmas Tree abuse?
Genre: (attempted) Angst with a romantic ending, as requested.
A/N: Merry Christmas to junsu_hyung. Sorry it’s a little late. This is a triple first for me, a first to participate in this kind of writing project, a first to write angst and also a first time post here! I’m not good at writing angst.. so please forgive the sorry attempt.

P.S : I'm so sorry for messing up the Comm tonight..

T’was the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring.. except for a drunk Changmin and his aching heart.. Out in the streets, with Christmas lights aglow.. Junsu’s deep in thought, as he makes his way home…

Somewhere in the distance, he could hear the tinkling of small bells, and people singing Christmas carols. He stopped and turned his face to the sky, maybe there was something in their air tonight, and it wasn’t just Christmas.

- Secret Santa Fic - "Lingering" [1/1]

Title: Lingering [1/1]
Pairing: JaeHo
Genre: AU, angst/romance
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: No happy ending?
Summary: If he looks and feels the same, is he still the same? Maybe Jaejoong knew the answer all along.
A/N: Here's my secret santa fic for kioku_kagami! I don't write angst nor have I ever written exclusive JaeHo but I tried ♥ I hope you like it~

Wishing you and everyone at this community a fantastic *insert-holiday-you-celebrate*! ^^