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[MOD] To new beginnings!

So this took me way longer than it should have and for that I humbly apologize. Groveling down, I come bearing news of the new community moderators~

I recieved a lot of awesome applications and I'd like to thank all of you that sent them in. It was incredibly hard for me to choose because all of them were incredibly thought out and wonderful each in their own way. So to those of you that stepped up, thank you. Really. It meant a lot. ♥

Because of all the good applications I couldn't get my list down to three people so instead I chose four new moderators for the community. This may sound like a massive amount of just one small fandom community but we are always growing and it does take a few people in order to keep things running smoothly.

That said, I'm pleased to present the new Hug moderators!

Rie - kiibou
Mai - lmaii
Mimei - mimei
Sarah - sarah_the_crab

Please give them a warm welcome. ^^ They've got a lot of great ideas to return Hug to it's former glory and I'm really excited to see what they can do.

As I have said before, I'll be taking a back seat as the moderator of this community but if you ever have any questions and can't get in touch with any of the new moderators, please feel free to e-mail me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. (E-mail is in the previous mod post!)

Congrats to the four of you~!!!!
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Finally the post you've all been waiting for! (Maybe. ;D) Here's how this is going to work. I'll be appointing two new moderators, possibly a third depending on how things go. I am still going to stay in a maintainer position and will just keep an eye on how things are going but I will not be incredibly active in terms of modding the community.

So, that said. If you would like to apply to moderation this wonderful place please send the following mini questionaire to attemptsmade@gmail.com.

1. Your name & LJ user name.
2. Why you are interested in this position?
3. Have you moderatored a community before? and if so which one?
4. What would you like to see changed about this community?
5. Do you write fanfiction yourself? (and if so, please link me to one of your stories.)
6. Tell me a little bit about your DBSK love. Pairings, Songs, whatever you'd like.
(optional)7. How are your graphic creation skills? (if you could provide an example that would be lovely.)

I will be accepting applications until Sunday, June 15th and will go through all the applications and post the new moderators by no later than Wednesday. Good luck and I hope that a good portion of you will apply! :)
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Hello ladies & gentlemen~ It's been a long time since you've seen one of these huh? ;)

Sadly there is not going to be much in the way of anything important in this update but I just want to warn you now that some MAJOR changes will be coming. Due to real life and falling out of fandom, wishpaper and booshoo will be stepping down as maintainers and moderators of this community and though I still be around I will be taking more of a back seat. In the next week or so I will be putting up an application form for the members of the community to fill out if they would like to be considered for maintainer/moderatorship of the community.

With the step down of our two other moderators and until the time that the new ones are appointed if anyone has ANY questions or concerns please send them directly to me. My e-mail is tehfangirl@gmail.com. I can also be reachable on AIM at got your letters. For the moment please refrain from sending me e-mails about how you would like to help fixing up the community. Once we have a new set of moderators then we can discuss these issues. Thank you.

Once our new moderation is underway we'll be creating some new more up-to-date rules, changing the layout(finally right?) which will most likely be through a contest and also restarting the great tagging system to make it easier to find what you're looking for etc.

I think for the moment that is it. I also want to say we've been really lucky with this community because you guys are all GREAT members and have so far made it really easy to maintain even if us mods were all busy. I'm sorry that we've been so out of touch and behind the scenes lately and I'm hopeful that new mods and fresh ideas will help to make the community even better than it already is!

- Kate
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[MOD] just checking in. :]

Hey, cool kids, it's your nearly-nonexistent mod!

Yeah, I know, I suck. I've barely been around at all and I botched the contest pretty good back in June; suffice to say I had a helluva a summer and honestly didn't have the time or energy to be a good mod. First, I want to apologize for that, and second, I want to say that I'm getting back in the swing of things now and hopefully I'll be able to do this gig better!

Luckily for me, y'all are pretty awesome and generally don't even need a mod aside from a random out-of-place post here and there. :] But, I want to be able to do fun, participation-ful (I made that word up!) contests and be able to get member input on things for the community -- hence this post.

So, basically! I just wanted to encourage everyone to share their ideas about things to make the community more fun or more interactive, or more whatever-you-want-it-to-be. You can drop me a comment here, email me (tehbecsu[at]gmail[dot]com), or ping me on aim at becksterrrrrrr (I always have an away message up, but if I'm not idle I'm usually there).

Thanks to everyone for not bombarding me with hate mail for sucking as a mod for the past few months. I have excuses, I promise, but I'm not going to bug y'all with them unless you really feel the need to make me. ~_^ Hopefully now that I'm actually around we can make the comm even more awesome than it already is.

i am your trampoline.

Contest Voting

Okay, I am a terrible person. I meant to have this up a week ago. But, you know, life. :/ But better late than never? ~_^;;


The Lives of Roses by lady_lit06
Facts by 79percent
Epiphany by xhotarubi
Season's Greetings by serapheim

If I missed any, please tell me! I am not at my most coherent right now. ^^; And to vote, just leave a comment with your fic of choice. Comments are screened. :] Voting will be up for a week, or until I find time to post the results after that. ^^;;

[edit] ... okay, now comments are screened. -_- I'm retarded.
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In our first actual move as admins, the girls and I have decided to have a fic contest. :] Therefore:

(craptastic banner by Becs herself! She is far too lazy
to hook up her mouse and use photoshop properly.)

THE IDEA: Basically, er. Becs's (that's me, if you didn't know XD) life has SUCKED ROYALLY lately. And fic makes Becs happy. So do power trips. Therefore, fic contest!
THE THEME: Things that make you smile! This doesn't necessarily mean tooth-rotting sap, but. Think happy. :]
THE GUIDELINES: Oneshots; any rating; no old material; any pairing or genre; 400+ words.
THE DEADLINE: Fics must be posted by midnight EST on June 26, 2006. Brownie points to anyone who knows why that date is special. ;]

1. Since this is a happy contest, no soul-crushing angst plz. You can pile on all the sad stuff you want, really, as long as the ending is happy-esque. Remember, you're supposed to be making people smile. :]
2. To quote booshoo, "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD BECKY, EDIT FOR GRAMMAR AND USE SPELLCHECK. Please." Since this is a contest, I hope everyone will be putting their best work forward. ♥
3. All fics should be posted with "CONTEST ENTRY" somewhere in the subject line.

In true HUGComm tradition, there will be two prizes: a MEMBERS' CHOICE award and a MODS' CHOICE award. Voting for the Members' Choice will be open for a week after the deadline. One of us will make a post listing all the entries to make things easier for the voters. ♥

The Mods' Choice will be chosen by, well. The mods. Me, pieces, and booshoo. X] Our judging will be based on characterization, originality, GRAMMAR(!!!!!!11!1 I like grammar :3), and, like, writing skillz and sth.

The prize for each category will be - wait for it - bragging rights and a banner! YES! Awesome.

Any questions can be left to this post and, since we have no lives, they'll probably be answered fairly quickly. And, um, seriously - the whole "becs becs becs!" thing is totally not serious, this contest is not about me (no matter how sucky life is T_T). So have fun with it, okay? ♥!

Now get writing! ;]
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Mod post.

Hello, members. Your mod here with an update. :|

In regards to the new rule of no advertisement on this community, this applies not only to posts made directly on the communities, but also the commentspace. Comments of this nature are prohibited, will be deleted if posted, and violators will be banned. Any attempts to to undermine this rule by finding alternate methods will get you banned immediately.

This applies to all communities within the DBSG Comm umbrella.

Thank you for your time~

Your mod,

In response to a question asked, this includes labeling of crossposting. This does not mean you cannot crosspost, we would never say you can't do that, but the labeling is unnecessary. Sorry for any inconveniences this may cause.

mod post.

Still waiting on my computer to come back to me, but I thought I would just remind you all about the LAYOUT CONTEST that we have going on here at hug______!!! All the rules and criteria are posted here. I would love to see some of you submit something! :D

The deadline is still 20 days away, so there is plenty of time! I hope that if you have the time, you will participate! ^^ Please help give hug______ the makeover it deserves ^-^~


And a note for yaoi/non-yaoi fics posted here in this community: A few months ago we changed the status of the community to include both yaoi and non-yaoi fics alike. And only just recently have we seen the emergence of quite a few and so I would like to reiterate -

I know that many people here are mainly yaoi fans, as this community was first made for yaoi-centric fans of DBSK fanfiction to come together, but please try to keep an open mind when it comes to reading non-yaoi fics. If it's not your thing, simply do not read them, or if you do try to respect the author who may happen to like non-yaoi pairings.

I'm not saying that this has been a problem here on the community as of yet :> I just wanted to make sure that everyone was reminded of this to prevent any now that we're actually seeing a few non-yaoi fics here on hug______! Thank you! ♥

Your mod,

mod post.

Hi all! It's your neighborhood mod here! I just thought I would clarify something, since I've already seen someone doing this.

Fics that feature both the DBSK boys and the SuJu boys are allowed to be cross-posted between miracle______ and hug______! So please don't feel shy! The only rule that needs to be followed.. is that the DBSK boys must have a main role in the fic itself. Fics with only a short cameo from one of our boys will not count in this case; those fics should be posted to the other community only.

Thank you for your time~

Your mod,