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[Fic] Aftermath

Title: Aftermath [oneshot]
Pairings: Yunjae
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: crack?
Genre: romance,slight angst
A/N: okaaay, this is my first fanfiction and I'm new in LJ, so uhh.. And English is not my first language. so, bear with me.
Summary: It's not Jaejoong's mistake if he want to meet Yunho so badly, right?

Stop it hyung!” Yoochun grabbed the other one as the other insisted to come inside the certain building.
“Let me go, Yoochun-ah. I’ve had enough. You don’t know how much I miss them,” as he kept struggling from Yoochun tight grips.
“But you action will only add troubles and it have already plenty much without you hyung,” Yoochun tighten his grips in Jaejoong’s hands.
Jaejoong sighed. He slumped back to his seat. He just missed Changmin and Yunho so much. He decided that if he couldn’t contact them, he would come and meet then in the SMent building, but his choice to drag Yoochun with him was a completely a wrong decision.
“Did I hear it right hyung? You what?” Yoochun hit the brake in time to stop the car from crashing. There were some ‘are you crazy’ shouts and cursing.
“At least, now I really try, Chun.” I sighed tiredly.
“And I don’t take you with me to nag at me. It’s because I’m a little drank and I don’t wanna risk my career being arrested because of DUI again.”
“Where’s Junsu by the way?” Jaejoong tried to change the topic and it seemed working.
“He hang out with Hyukjae, that kids,” Yoochun answered with a little hint of affection tone from him.
“He seems to keep his friendship with Hyukjae despite of everything happened.”
“Yeah, only because Hyukjae listen to what his heart is saying not with certain someone.” Yoochun furrowed his eyebrow. He thought if Yunho tried harder to meet him, Junsu, and Jaejoong, the situation would be very different.
“They don’t any choice, Chun. Just like us.” Indeed. If they tried harder to convince Yunho and Changmin to come with him, this thing would turn up differently. Yoochun looked at Jaejoong and decided to drop the subject.
“Ah… I’m hungry hyung. Let’s eat!” Yoochun started the engine and drove to the nearest restaurant.
“Now I remember, it’s your turn to treat me, Chun!” Jaejoong smiled to his soulmate and Yoochun just snickered.
“Hyung, I think you should really meet him.” Changmin said this for the 83th time today.
“I’ve tried. But I can’t contact him.” Yunho sighed desperately.
“Then just come to his house. I heard he bought one in Seoul and I heard he is in Seoul now.” Yunho looked at Changmin weirdly.
“What?” Changmin retorded.
“You sound like one of his fans, Changmin-ah” Yunho answered, made Changmin blushed
“Whatever. I’ve had enough with your mood swing. Yours are even worse than my mother when she was pregnant hyung.”
Yunho looked at Changmin, bewildered. “Yah!! I’m your hyung!”
“I know that. So how?” Changmin looked at Changmin with sparkling eyes. Yunho shook his head, trying to change the subject.
“I’d like to. But I don’t know where his house is, so…”
“Oh, it’s not a problem. I think our cassies are more than happy to provide Jaejoongie hyung’s address.” Changmin replied with a smirk and knew that his hyung can’t avoid this talk anymore.
“Okay okay. When should I meet him?” yunho gave up. He realized that he can’t win Changmin.
“Oh, tonight will do.” He said happily. His eyes mismatched so badly.
“Uh.. Oh.. Should I rang it?” Yunho stood in front of Jaejoong’s house nervously. After more arguments with Changmin, he decided it’s better go than being violated by him.
He rang the bell. Once. Twice. Third.
“Ah, maybe he’s not in home,” he didn’t know he must happy or sad. When he was ready to leave, Jaejoong opened the door.
“Oh!” They both looked at each other, lost in each other gaze for some good minutes before Yunho initiated some conversation.
“Uh, long time no see. Your hair is back to black again?” ‘Crap, great start Jung Yunho!’
“Uhm, yeah. I need some changes. Would you like to come in?” Jaejoong opened the door and gestured Yunho to come in.
“Have a seat. I’ll make a drink,” with that, he left to the kitchen.
When Jaejoong was nowhere from his sight, he let out a relieved breath. He took a look at Jaejoong’s house. It’s flthy big! He glanced at Jaejoong’s laptop and gasped.
“Sorry for the waiting.” Jaejoong came back with two glasses of coffee.
“I saw that you sill reading fanfiction. Moreover, it’s Yunjae…” Yunho murmured the last part, but Jaejoong still can hear it though.
“Just to kill the time and it helps me to improve my English.” He smiled awkwardly and closed his laptop.
“How is Changmin?”
“Uhm, he is still the same. Too much violence.” He saw Jaejoong eyes, it was full of affection when Yunho talked about the maknae.
“And he is the one who told me to come here.” Jaejoong raised his eyebrow.
Yunho felt that it was the right time to tell him the truth.
“Because I miss you Jae. You, Yoochun, and Junsu. I miss singing with the five of us in the stage. I miss fans shout because of Yunjae, I miss your nags, I miss Yoochun cries when we won awards, I miss Junsu’s stupid acts, I miss how Changmin and Yoochun bullied Junsu together, I miss our hugs, I miss our kisses, our making love sessions, and moreover I miss you so much. So mush till it hurts, Jae.” Yunho clutched his chest.
“Yunho…” Jaejoong couldn’t respond that. He looked Yunho with his teary eyes.
“Why didn’t you answer my calls Jae? You said that if the lawsuit ends, we will back as five again. Why did you lie to us?” Yunho asked desperately.
“It’s beyond my control, Yunho.. I don’t expect it would turn out like this. I’m sorry, we should try the best to get you both out from the company. I’m sorry Yunho. But we promise we will try the best to get you out from there.” Jaejoong couldn’t control his feeling anymore. His body trembling continuously. Seeing the love of his live in that pitiful condition, Yunho’s heart softened.
“Shhh, it’s okay. We will go through this together as five. Don’t cry anymore, Jae”

Jaejoong POV
I looked up and met Yunho’s eyes. He was smiling to me and I can’t help but smiling back at him. Suddenly, he lowered his head and bruised his lip to mine.
Oh, how I missed this feeling. My heart almost burst from happiness, tears strated to leak down from the corner of my eyes. He wiped my tears and claimed my lips again. This one was more passionate than the previous one. After some minutes, I had to take a breath. Then he lied me on my sofa and unbuttoned my shirt. He planted kisses in my neck and my chest.
‘Oh God, is it the time?’
My body twitched with anticipation. His kisses became lower and lower.
“Hyung, my internet connection is down. I want to watch Mr. Simple MV now hyung. Do you mind…? OOH!”
Yunho immediately moved to sit next to me and smiled awkwardly. I glared at Junsu who was standing in front of the door with a mouth wide opened. Junsu immediately shook his head and closed his mouth.
“Uh,oh, did I interrupt something?” He smiled happily while looking at Yunho.
“Junsu, you @#$%*$#@^%^$%!!!!”
Tags: author: t, genre: angst, genre: romance, pairing: yunho/jaejoong, rating: pg-13

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