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Sapphire Blue ~ ” How to steal a million”

Title:  Sapphire Blue ~ ” How to steal a million”   
Author:  nickyevans
Chapter: Prologue
Genre: AU,action/adventure,comedy,romance
Fandom: Super Junior,DBSK,Original Character(s)-mainly; slightly mention(s) of Big Bang,2PM,ARASHI,NEWS
Character(s): ~ main characters~ Park Jungsu(Leeteuk),Park Yoochun,Kim Heechul,Han Geng(Hankyung),Kim Young-woon(Kangin),Kim Jong-woon (Yesung),Kim Ryeowook,Kim Kibum,Akane Yuki “Soo Jin”(Original Character 1),Kim Jaejoong,Hyoushou Svetlana”Hyun”  (Original Character 2 ),Shim Changmin,Kim Tae Goon(Taegoon)~secondary-role characters~ Choi  Siwon,Lee Sungmin,Lee  Hyuk-jae(Eunhyuk),Lee Donghae,Shin Dong-hee(Shindong),Jung Yunho,Kim Junsu,Cho Kyuhyun ~ slightly mention characters~ Big Bang members,2PM members,ARASHI members,NEWS members.
Pairings: ~mentions of~ Park Jungsu(Leeteuk)/ Original Character 1,Kim Jaejoong/ Original Character 2,Kim Heechul/ Han Geng(Hankyung),Choi  Siwon /Lee Sungmin,Jung Yunho/ Kim Junsu

Summary:  “How the hell did we get into this “How to steal a million thing”?Well lets just say I have stupid friends with idiotic ideas”
A/N:When I first thought of this fic I had in mind a friendship-type of fanfic with an adventurous side.The main idea still remaines but I put some romance in it even though the fic explores more of the friendship bond between the characters.Sorry if I made mistakes ,English isn’t my first language^^.  This fic is dedicated to my awesome Nee-chan, my twinnie  Autumne Rose Hyoushou (Lj user :hyoune )



How did we get into this? )
Tags: author: n, genre: adventure, genre: humor, genre: romance, length: chaptered, pairing: yunho/junsu, rating: pg-13

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