it`s your love, your love (imaii) wrote in hug______,
it`s your love, your love

[MOD] Layout Contest Updates and a Reminder

Hey guys!

Sorry we haven't been getting around to the layout contest. To be honest, that's due to the lack of entries. So after a discussion, we decided to extend the deadline to October 17th 2008 at 12:00 A.M. GMT. Please do join us! We really look forward to every entry you guys send in.

Requirements, prizes, and other information are posted here if you don't remember.

And in case you haven't notice, a quick note:
"Entries posted to hug______  are now friends locked by default. The rules in regards to locking remain the same, so you can still unlock fanworks rated lower than R. Yay."

Questions/Comments/Suggestion? Please direct them here or at (:

Thanks, Mai.

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