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I swear I am insane. Here's two random drabbles that I wrote while watching the ball drop and yet they have nothing to do with the new year. 

The Truth

To the outside it seemed like JaeJoong was the center of your relationship because he looked most feminine and fragile to the outside. To others it seemed as though Yunho would be the center of your relationship because it would be the least obvious and there had to be a reason that he smiled so much. Then came you. It still seemeed odd to you as it seemed to everyone else that the two eldest and most handsome, in their own way, members would choose you, the youngest, of all people. Maybe it was because you were more submissive than the rest...
"Changmin!" JaeJoong's yelling your name pulled you out of your thoughts. He grabbed the book in your hands and threw it onto the floor as he jumped onto your lap. It was your favorite book too...
"Hey! Th--"
"JAEJOONG! NO FAIR!" you heard Yunho screaming as he also ran to you. If the fans could see how childish Yunho really is..., you thought.
He ran over you book to get to you and JaeJoong.
"Hey! That was my book you jerk!!" You yelled, blood boiling. Yunho completely ignored you as he glared at JaeJoong.
"Get off!" Yunho whined as he pulled on JaeJoong's wrist.
"But I beat you!! That means I get to sit on Changmin's lap!!"
"But you cheated!"
"Rock, papers, scissors is a completely fair and practical game!"
"You're just spitting out fancy words to sit on his lap!!!"

"WAIT! Why my lap?" you asked, completely dumbfounded that this whole fight was about who could sit in your lap.
"Because your our Min and we get to do anything we want to do with you." They said in unison as though it was common logic.
"That doesn't make sense!!"
"You know what, you're right!" JaeJoong said as he shifted in your lap. "You can fit BOTH of us!" JaeJoong sat on your right leg as he pulled Yunho down to sit on your left leg.
"Don't I get a say in this?!" You said, completely bewildered.
And yet again, they both ignored you as they lay their heads on your chest and started giggling.
Yeah... It was because your submissive...


You sighed and wrapped your coat around yourself tighter. It was pitch black outside and the inside of the apartment building was no better. The photographer just had to keep you the longest just because you just couldn't "get the right face". Thank god that the fans hadn't found out where you had been living for two weeks yet. It was a miracle.
You rang the doorbell to the apartment since you just very brilliantly forgot your copy of the key on your dresser in your warm room.
You waited a minute and yet no one answered. Your finger was an inch away from the doorbell when the door swung open, a hand shot out and gripped your coat, pulled you in, closed the door, and slammed you up against the door. You couldn't see a thing since it was also pitch black inside your apartment. 
You felt two bodies press up on yours as the hand that gripped your coat moments ago disappeared.
You felt two lips slide up and down your neck. You shivered.
You tried to break free, tiredness seeping into your joints and taking over your mind. You felt two hands on your chest, pushing you back into the door.
"Where have you been...?" You felt JaeJoong's hot breath skim across his face as he whispered.
"I was held back by the photographer. You both know that." You said slightly agitated by your lovers' possessiveness as you crossed your arms across your chest.
"And you think we can deal with the thought of that pervert staring you for two more hours without any supervision. The things he could have done to you." Yunho said to you as his fingers went underneath your shirt and danced across your chest.
"He didn't-- We didn't-- I--"
"You know we don't like other people touching or even looking at you." JaeJoong said against the crook of your neck in between kisses, licks, and sucking on your neck, marking you as his.
"You are ours and I'd like to see anyone who tries to take you away from us." Yunho said as he bit down on your shoulder. You couldn't feel the pain, tiredness masking it.
You scoffed. This was at least the 7th time they had told you today. Now, before, when you weren't as built as you were now, you wouldn't dare make a noise and just let the two infront of you have their way with you. But because of them, you started working out daily, sure it made you even more tired than the rest of the group, but it helped in the long run.
You pushed through all the hands and the lips and tongues that were attatching to your body. You could not believe how clingy and tough they acted.
"Get off. I'm tired."
You mumbled as you shook off the last finger and walked into your room. You could practically see their shocked faces as you slammed the door on them and you knew deep inside you that there would hell to pay.
You had never denied their request for sex. You never denied them of anything. No wonder they are spoiled, you thought as you pulled off your shirt and your pants. Even though you were quite taller and more muscular than they were, you could never quite seem to stand up to them in such a manner. Today was a peculiar day.
You laid down in your bed. You groaned as you saw the blanket was scrunched up in the corner of your bed out of arms reach. 
You were just too lazy and tired to reach for your blanket so you curled up into a ball and fell asleep in your boxers.
You were in deep shit when you woke up. You tried gettin gup from your bed, when you felt multiple restraints on your hands, arm, legs, and feet. You saw your two bastards of lovers hovering over you with such a sweet smile on their face it made your stomach turn.
Oh yeah...There sure was hell to pay.

A/N:: Just saying I PROMISE to update my fic and my dedications! I know, I didn't have any time to update or write anything so this are my apologies!! Augh! I'm just obssessed with this pairing!! Muahaha! Even though it sucks just deal with it please!
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