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[ x ] fic dump

TITLE: fic dump!
PAIRINGS: homin, jaechun, yunchun, hosu, yoomin, and yoosu.
NOTE: there's a lot going under this cut, alright. i've been so busy posting to every pairings respective communities that i damn near forgot about the hug comm OTL. i hope me doing this doesnt violate any rules, even though i don't see anything in them saying that it does. anyway, tho. the lot of these can also be found on AO3, if you wish to read them over there. some of them have the AO3 links in them, but not all, soo i'll just put my psued link right here. everything under the cut! ♥.

what is this? | jaechun | pg13 | general

By the time the recording is half way over he's flicked his phone into the pillows and rolled off of the side of the bed, pulling on a pair of jeans and snatching up his keys. He slips on a random pair of shoes and breezes down the stairs.

spanish | jaechun | pg13 | au

the sheets aren't cold anymore. the whole room is sweltering now, despite the speedy cycle of the ceiling fan. but jaejoong doesn't crack the window, knowing that the air outside is just as humid and sticky and that if he does there will be an army of bugs ready to crawl in because he’d ripped the screen out ages ago.

痛み | jaechun | r | au

woken by the knocking on his door, yoochun squints at the bright red of his alarm clock set aways away, gets up and gropes for his glasses but changes his mind when the knocking comes again, urgent.

drunk in love | jaechun | nc17 | au

yoochun lost count of how many colorful drinks he’s slammed back, all he knows is that he is positively buzzing, mind perfectly and happily hazy, and his body feels so light, he’s sure he could just tilt his head back and float right up to the high ceiling of the club.

semblance of order | jaechun | nc17 | au

jaejoong lifts himself on his elbows at the call of his name, duvet sliding down his back as he blinks a bit at the dark of the room, traces the slanted squares of fluorescent light pooling in from the bathroom and hitting the floor. “yeah?”

i'll break the sky for you | jaechun | pg13 | au

the floorboards are silent beneath his thinly socked feet, a flicker of green-tinted firelight at the end of the hall and his fingertips ghosting along the walls his only guide. thunder rolls, the heavy rumbling sounding louder than usual about the shadows, and as he slips on an unnoticed downward set of steps, yoochun curses the slytherin dorms for being so deep within the castle.

syntax | jaechun | r | au

in the low orange light filtering in from the street lamps below, jaejoong is the picture of sin, all pale expanses of skin and sheen covered sinew cords of muscle, and he wants it.

ivory | jaechun | r | au

he’s not sure how he’s survived the past few weeks—the apartment is how it was when they had left that day. all that’s clouds his mind is the bright white lights of the ambulance and the sickeningly pretty sound of shattering glass. don’t look, he remembers sobbing to himself, don’t look.

on the back burner | yoosu | pg13 | general

“nothing,” junsu eyes yoochun suspiciously from behind his shades as the older male climbs into his car. he waves out the window to a sleepy looking yoohwan. “not that i’m not happy to see you… or that… you’re.. gettng out of the house, for that matter,” something like impressed and awe lilts his voice near the end.

mercy rule | jaechun | pg13 | general

Usually you can hear Yoochun in the lyrics and Junsu in the melody, but this time it’s Jaejoong Jaejoong and Jaejoong, and he’d be lying if he didn’t cry proud tears for himself last night when the whole thing finally, fucking finally came together.

all play and no work | homin | pg13 | au

he nearly chucks his phone across his room and through the window when it rings, instead answering it with a practiced agent shim, what are my orders? as he glares hard at the blaring red of the alarm clock that reads four a.m. on a friday.

display | homin | r | au

with a heated pant, changmin rolls them over, parted lips and hooded eyes as he grips at the headboard, languidly rolling his body and grinding himself down onto yunho.

through the veil | jaechun | r | au

the place is empty and collapsed, split planks of wood laying askew here and there, floor and barely standing tables covered in soot. the walls are charred and the bright yellow of crime scene tape burns a headache through his eyes.

endmark | homin | r | general

from the couch, the taller of the two watches with something sadistic in his eye as the older stands, body tense and slouched against the living room wall. the mans tears look freezing, leaving glistening trails over smooth planes of cheek.

acceleration due to gravity | homin | nc17 | au

"hey," changmin says from the hall, voice ladled with sleep, chestnut hair sticking in every direction, boxers riding on the dents of his hips and t-shirt missing, rubbing his eyes against the light.

고맙습니다 | homin | pg | general

yunho's grinning into the crowd, eyes glittering and ears ringing when the familiar weight of someone's hand lands on his bicep. he turns, mouth still smiling, and pauses for a second.

fair trade | jaechun | pg13 | au

the day is cold and dry, the threat of snow hanging in the sky and pressing people to stay inside—so when yoochun bumps into another person while on his way to replace his camel reds with newport shorts, he's surprised.

#grownups | homin | pg13 | general

changmin is stirred from his slumber by something touching his nose. he scrunches it, brows furrowing under the dark mess of his hair, and slips back into sleep.

room three eleven | jaechun | r | au

the grit of teeth reaches his ears. he ignores it in favor for the wooden pieces laid out before him, knife twirling between practiced fingers. he ignores the title of young master, letting it fly through his ears carelessly.

cure | homin | pg | au

the click of their boots adds to the bustle of the cobble-stoned street, drawing attention as they walk, bodies close and twirling umbrella sparing them from the grayed sun.

there's no other way; never run far | homin | r | au

changmin forces his breathing even, watching how the sun slowly rises to filter light through the cream of their bedroom curtains. his heart beat is erratic and he knows his fingers are pressing too hard into the sheets but he can’t help it.

reel me in before i've fallen in line | homin | r | au

he remembers like it was yesterday, like the the shape of chains isn't permanently etched into the skin on his wrist and like the bruises on his hips aren't fresh—the image is at the forefront of his mind, a thing he never lets himself forget but today the memory insists, shines bright behind his eyes and rules the tip of his tongue.

apathy | homin | pg13 | au

there is a hand in his, an arm around his waist, the weight if it reassuring and familiar, and it is after that mental annotation that the rest of his senses awaken, and the even breathing he hears behind him is ratio to the rise and fall against his back.

2:46am | homin | pg13, r | au

“help me,” is the first thing changmin says to him when he slides into the room, and yunho almost turns around, almost makes good on his lie of needing to get some air away from the stuffy gala, because what he and changmin have has gone beyond the world of client and escort and has settled into that of a middle aged woman’s gaudy romance novel. for a second he plays with the idea of letting it be just that.

sharing is caring | homin | pg13 | general

“hey,” yunho says back a little distracted. he watches changmin unzip his boots and make a beeline for the bathroom, manga momentarily forgotten, the view upside down as he hangs off the couch.

spectrum | homin | pg13 | au

they match, yunho’s eyes. they are an unsettling shade of green, the true color of what he is, rivaling that of the purest grass, the healthiest forests, emeralds themselves. they are sharp and aware, bright and glowing even in daylight, and changmin deems this unfair.

everything and nothing | homin | pg13 | au

a long habit of not thinking a thing wrong gives it a superficial appearance of being right and raises at first a formidable outcry in defense of custom, but the tumult soon subsides.

down | yoomin | pg13 | general

changmin is a master at keeping to himself. he takes every little thing that ever bothers or pleases him and locks it up nice and tight within the recesses of his mind. but it’s not all calculative rainbows and deductive constructional sunshines. it topples over, sometimes keeping to himself becomes too much.

six | homin | nc17 | au

he’s dropped his binder for the second time today, crouched low to pick up the pile of papers that have unceremoniously scattered about and is just about to stand, finished, when someone shouts for him with such a gorgeous voice—

hallow be thy name | homin | r | au

they remember what it’s like, to be human. that decade yunho had gotten stripped of his grace and when changmin himself had been reborn a merchant's son, selling cattle and haggling for gold all those centuries ago.

eight letters | yoomin | pg13 | general

there’s no pause and no preamble as yoochun says it back, absentminded and automatic, “i love you too,” and goes back to sipping his coffee.

a moment | yunchun | pg13 | general

the newport catches. yunho watches smoke curl about the side of yoochun's face, play about his dark hair and wisp between his lowered lashes.

forever | homin | pg13 | au

all through out the morning, a whisper i couldn’t grasp in the back of my mind, setting the hairs on my neck to stand. there was something about the light of the day, the feel of air, the tingle in my fingertips and the disturbance in my chest.

red ribbons | homin | nc17 | au

the banging on the door startles him awake. he peeps his alarm clock and curses, the banging echoing louder in his ears. he sits up, rolls over and touches his feet o the floor, eyes glaring at the red of the clock, mind easing out of its sluggish state when the banging gets louder.

with a side of crème fraiche | homin | nc17 | au

the single sink light he has on flickers. he ignores it. running a hand down his chin, he taps the razor blade into the water for a final rinse before actually applying the shaving cream. he doesn’t know why this is such a ritual for him, why there are specific steps—remove shirt, wash hands, wash face, fill sink, rinse razor, rinse razor again, apply shaving cream, bottom to top, left to right.

chromatography | hosu | r | au

“why didn’t you change out of your work clothes again,” junsu says lowly, eyeing yunho up and down. the dark slacks and black button down he’s required to wear while serving at the gala hall fit him well, and junsu’s always let yunho know how much he appreciates black on him. “god, why are you straight,” he huffs. "see if we wouldn't be having fun together then."

Tags: author: l, length: chaptered, length: oneshot, pairing: yoochun/changmin, pairing: yoochun/jaejoong, pairing: yoochun/junsu, pairing: yunho/changmin, pairing: yunho/junsu, pairing: yunho/yoochun, rating: nc-17, rating: pg-13, rating: r

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