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Harry Potter Icontest

Weekly Icontest for Harry Potter

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WELCOME. Hello and Welcome to [info]hp_icontest_! This is a weekly Harry Potter icontest for pretty much anything that has to do with Harry Potter! I saw a few other Harry Potter icontest places, but figured that one more wouldn't hurt to open, and then came [info]hp_icontest_! Feel free to join, new members are always welcome =).
- Maximum of 2 submissions per challenge unless otherwise stated.
- No fanart unless it is your own. If you are caught using someone else's fanart I'll give you a warning. After two warnings you are banned from the community.
- You must be a member of this community to participate -- either as a contestant or voter.
- Don't advertise your icon [[don't tell your friends to vote for your icon, and do not post it anywhere else until the contest is over]]
- Do not steal others' icons and claim them as your own. {{This will result in immediate banning}}
- Submitted icons must be fresh, meaning they need to be made in the time of when the submission post is posted and when the deadline is. No old icons that have been previously made.
- All icons must be consistent to LiveJournal's rules. {{No larger than 100x100 pixels and 40k}}
- You may not vote for your own icon.
HOW IT WORKS. Okay. How it works is that every two weeks I will post a new challenge which will be in some way related to the HP-universe. You will then hve two weeks to submit your creation. Once I close the challenge, the next challenge will be posted. Then voting will happen and winners will be announced. Please let me know in your submission that if you would like a banner or not.
When submmitting please make sure to include both a <*img src=""*> link and a <*a href=""*> link. We all know how pesky the internet and LJ can be, so this ensures I get your icon.
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