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hp_graphics_'s Journal

HP House Pride Graphics
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Welcome to HP_Graphics_

This is the Graphics and Icon Community associated with hp_house_pride All members with a creative streak are encouraged to post their creations in this community. Icons, Wallpapers, Banners, Journal Wallpapers, Buttons, etc all welcome. Challenges and other fun events to be scheduled.

*Comment on the one you are taking.

*No direct linking or hotlinking. Right click, Save Picture As, Save.

*Please credit this community and the creator if you use anything here. This is done by putting the artists name and the title of the piece in the Keywords and Comments section of your Userpics in LJ. This also goes for use in another other forums or journals.

*Posts are done with teasers or spoilers and the rest of the icons in an lj-cut underneath. This will cut down on large posts in Friends lists.

*Requests should be posted to the community as a whole and artist can decide under comments if they wish to assist.

*Please post your own work. If you borrowed someones base WITH PERMISSION please credit that person with a link to their Journal, website, etc.

*No stealing or others ideas, bases, brushes, icons, etc. That is considered bad form and could get you banned.

*Any challenges will have all rules and directions associated with them posted to the community itself.

*Make sure you Friend this community after you join it. That way you can keep up on all the latest posts. This rule also goes for the other communities as well.*

*You must be a sorted member of hp_house_pride in order to be a member of this community

Moderators - airforcegrrl and velvet_pirate

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