X Not x Your x Star X (wild69crazii) wrote in hottsexkids__,
X Not x Your x Star X


Name:  *.BeCkY
Age: 15..o so young
Sex: f3mal3
Location: MI!
likes: i luv tacos, the color hot pink, dogs, snowboarding, inline skating, playing drums, The OC, talking online, sleeping, and boyz yup straight mofo
dislikes: i hate people who are judgmental, the color brown, school, monday mornings, and italian food!! yup i know ur prob like who can hate italian!
name at least 5 bands: fall out boy,  taking back sunday, death cab for cutie, boy hits car, and weezer
Do you drink? Smoke? Do drugs?  i used to! but now i dont its lame drug free is the way 2 be!!!!!!
Tattoos?  nope
Piercings?  my ears... and i had my tounge done.. got infected : /
why are u a hottsexkid? cuz i just am!!

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