Are You Hott Enough?!

Apply at Hottiez_ and find out!

Are you hot?
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1. You must be 16 or older to apply.
2. In the subject line of your application, put 'Am I Hot Enough?'.
3. Copy and paste the application from the user info page, and fill out. Leave the formatting, there is a reason for it being how it is.
4. If you are rude to a member you will be banned.
5. Stay active or we will kick you out.
6. Only Mod's can auto accept/auto reject anyone.
7. Don't talk 'lyke dis cauze yu thynk itz cuul' because it isn't. It is annoying. You will be banned. And probably harassed by other members because they will think you are stupid.
8. Do not post anything except your application, until you are stamped.
9. Do not promote other communities unless you have checked with a mod first.
10. If you have permission and you promote another community in hottiez_ then you MUST show THREE links where you also promoted hottiez_same post.
11. The only posting you may do is your application or replying to comments on YOUR application until you are a stamped member of hottiez_
If you have any questions, feel free to contact either one of the mod's...azsunshinebabe or shit_br3ak
It is easy! Just copy and paste into a livejournal post to hottiez_ to apply!