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hott_enough_'s Journal

are you hott_enough_?
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All Members , Moderated
this is a rating community. if you dont think youre fucking hott, dont apply. i dont want you to waste our time. unlike some people, we have lives.

rules for applicants:

- unless i make an acception, you must be at least 13 years old. i find it wrong to think of any one younger as hott.
- no nude pictures. if i need porn, i doubt i'll be getting it from you.
- fill out the application completely and post it within 24 hours of joining, please.
-d0nT tYpE LyKe dIs. we will hate you forever. and you dont want that, now do you?
- so i know you read the rules, make the title of your lj cut either 'am i hott enough?' , 'i know im hott enough', or 'the pink power ranger rules all' . if you dont like it, get the fuck out.
- you may not post on anything besides your application until you are accepted.
- if you are rejected, you may try once more with different pictures. if youre rejected again, take the hint, and get the fuck out of my community.
- dont disrespect the members. at this very moment, they are better than you. fucking deal with it.
- dont complain if you get a no. its annoying. and i will yell at you. oh and dont respond to every single vote. its also annoying as hell. and i will, yet again, yell at you.
-please bold the questions or make it pretty or something so we can read it better...we'll love you if you do.
-males are accepted as well as females. dont be shy boys. the ratio is hott.
-last but not least, USE AN LJ CUT . if you dont, your application will be deleted. if you dont know how, find out.


(1)first name-

(1) five favorite bands:
(2) five least favorite bands:
(3) three favorite books
(4) favorite movies-
(5) favorite color-
(6) favorite food (yes, i care.)-

(1) hilary duff-
(2) the name margo-
(3) the OC-
(4) Our President George W. Bush-
(5) spaghetti-

promote us to at least one community and/or lj user and provide the link. yes, we do check.

please provide at least three but no more then six cute or hott or just plain fucking awesome pictures of you. they must be clear, and at least one of them must be a picture of your face. and another one must be a body shot. as per requested by a friend of mine.


.:rules for members:.
(1) put yes/no in the title for your vote
(2) be bitchy. tell them why you said no.

.:your fucking hott mods:.


a_broken_smile_.....maintainer/moderator ....(on the right)

steph looks stoned. but its all good.

your other mod margo and i at homecoming.


caution_hot_ .....moderator

love us.

.:accepted members:


















fear them.

.:rejected members:.

nolabelsforme for being annoying

bouncingball for being ugly and withdrawing her application

stephylynn0522 for being ugly and not likeing sauce on her spaghetti and disliking the name margo, and , as jj says ; is not hott. not even hot.

laugh at them.

.:banned members:.

nvr_wana_lose_u posting before applying. oh and being annoying as hellll.

the_golden_god theyre a joke. dont even get us started.

beforelater supporting the joke and posting before acception.

brideofsolice see above.

musical_luna see above.

ohohoh__jen too fucking ugly to make it in

tadbenard wooahhhhh dumbass

is_this_quiet wow never seen someone this ugly in my l.i.f.e

look down on them.