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...so HOT that you're...

..coming OUT of your clothes..

..hotseXcore...SO outrageous //
Posting Access:
Anybody , Moderated

*» &Rules;
-You must post a minimum of three pictures.
-You must post your pictures along with the application.
-If you are new, put "NEW" in the topic box. If you're a member, simply write "STAMPED" when you post.
-After you join and are not a member, you may post in your post, but you cannot vote until you are a member.
-If you vote when you are not a member, you will be banned for one week.
-The people in this community, obviously, are hotter than you are. So if you are not accepted, do not bitch and complain, or we will have to smuther you with a pillow in your sleep.
-Remember, kids, we are not pornstars. Do not post nude photos or you will be automatically banned.

-You must promote for the community.
-Invite anyone you wish to join.
-Post "STAMPED" in the topic box when you are a member.
-When you vote, in the topic box, put either "YES" or "NO" and then say why you said yes or no.

-If a few people say "no" do not start deleting comments or changing your pictures. If you do, your post will be deleted by me.
-If you are rejected, you may come back and try again in a week, if you have the balls.
-If a member says "no" and you start insulting them, you will be banned so fast you won't even know what happened.

**Reasons a person would be banned**
-Posting nude photos.
-Being disrespectful to other members.
-Being a dumbass.
-Deleting comments made in your posts that you don't like.
-Voting when you are not a member. (only will get you banned for one week)

-Every week we will have a different "theme." Meaning, we pick a topic for pictures and you post the pictures that match the theme. This is only open for members of the community.
-Have ideas for layouts/icons for the community? Please notify me (sugar_hit)
-If you are hot, HAVE FUN HERE...if you look like a sewer rat,
please...stay far far FAR away from us.



5 Bands/Singers:
5 Movies:
Favorite Song Of The Moment:

*Mommy, WOW!
What's Something You Can Do That Your Friends Can't:
How Far Have You Gone? Education wise:

*More In Depth
Who is the most important person in your life and why:
If you could meet any person, dead or alive..famous or broke as a joke, who would it be and why:
Why should we accept you:
Why did you join:
Who invited you to this community:

Kay, now post three or more pictures.

*» &MODS;
Beki, Brit, & Amanda<3


AiM: stripp3d x barbi
MSN: medicated_candy_x@hotmail.com
Yahoo: x0_kissme_dissme_0x
E-mail: x0_kissme_dissme_0x@yahoo.com


AiM: oh nikkuh plz
MSN: drunken_kisses@hotmail.com
Yahoo: lovemistake7@yahoo.com
E-mail: drunken_kisses@hotmail.com


AiM: XdolceXbarbieX

*» &Stamps;
credit to: katy


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