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5 Bands/Singers: the postal service, taking back sunday, senses fail, incubus, vendetta red.
5 Movies: pulp fiction, american history X, old school, nine months, kill bill
Quote: "I know God doesnt give me more than I can handle. I just wish he didn't trust me so much."
Favorite Song Of The Moment: REM - Everybody Hurts

*Mommy, WOW!
How Far Have You Gone? Education wise: i graduated highschool but then i had a baby. but im hopefully going back to school next year.
Job: i live at home with my mom for now, im going to be going back to school soon, and after that i'll definitely be settling down more and finding a job.
*More In Depth
Who is the most important person in your life and why: my daughter. from the day she was born..and even before then, she has been the most important person in the world to me. its in the way she looks at me, the way she sees me. she needs me, and only i know how to take care of her.
If you could meet any person, dead or alive..famous or broke as a joke, who would it be and why: Kurt Cobain, i know there have probably been so many people that have said that but he truely is one of the most inspiring people of the 90's. his band was so revolutionary and has influenced all of music. i dont think there is one band out there right now that hasnt been touched in some way by his music.
Why should we accept you: because i am beautiful inside and out, and i am very STRONG. i'm confident.
Why did you join: to be part of a community, i thought it would be a lot of fun.
Who invited you to this community: i found it through a search.

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