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name: danielle alexisss.
location: san diego.
age: 16 on september 16th.
sex: no. but im a chick.
status: single.

5 bands/singers: thrice, saosin, alexisonfire, everytime i die, from autumn to ashes.
5 movies: the rocky horror picture show, but i a cheerleader, psycho beach party, girl interrupted, pootie tang.
quote: "hooray for boobies!"
favorite song of the moment: thrice, a torch to end all torches.

what's something you can do that your friends can't: i kick all of their asses at video games. & i clean my room the best.
how far have you gone? education wise: im a sophomore in highschool.
job: dont have one, yet.

who is the most important person in your life and why: i honestly cant say theres one. the most important PEOPLE in my life are my three best friends: melissa, riana & gaby. without them im sure i would have gone insane. they keep me in shape & are the people that always put a smile on my face. they've stuck with me through all the bullshit ive gone through & i love them more than anything.
if you could meet any person, dead or alive.. famous or broke as a joke, who would it be and why: mike vogel, because he is the most gorgeous person i have ever seen & i would love to have his children. theres just something about him that draws me to him. i know he's more than just a pretty face.
why should we accept you: well. im not a stuck up bitch & i get along with everyone. i have a chill personality & i think i'd fit in pretty well. <3
why did you join: this whole rating community thing seems pretty kick ass. hoping to make a few lj friends.
who invited you to this community: i found YOU.

kay, now post three or more pictures.

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