bunny-co (call_thesurgeon) wrote in hotsexcore_,

Location: New York
Age:15, yeah i'm a baby don't judge me about it
Sex: female
Status: eh, complex

5 Bands/Singers: the shangri-las, the ronettes, mars volta, the rapture, le tigre
5 Movies: the house of yes, bread and tulips, dirty pretty things, nulle, la femme nautique.
Quote: But can make-up cover up the wounds of our opression?
Favorite Song Of The Moment: Sophisticated Boom Boom, the shangri-las

*Mommy, WOW!
What's Something You Can Do That Your Friends Can't: I took ballet for 11 years, so i can dance.
How Far Have You Gone? Education wise: I'm still in High School.
Job: i'm 15, i live with my parents, i don't really need a job

*More In Depth
Who is the most important person in your life and why: My friend olivia, she is the only person that will ever know me entirely, she is my life, if she dies i die.
If you could meet any person, dead or alive..famous or broke as a joke, who would it be and why: Coco Chanel, because who the fuck wouldn't, she IS fashion.
Why should we accept you: psh i don't know
Why did you join: to get accepted
Who invited you to this community: nobody

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