MOD // new theme..

thanks to amanda <33 the new theme is
Don't Be Yourself

meaning pretend you're other members &take pictures.
OH YEH...don't forget to tell us which one you're pretending to be, or it could be bad

ps-i'll be gone until saturday so if you have any questions, contact
Amanda sugary_gloss
Brit _eyecandyx
icon#13 ____justagirl@vivid___ :)

hey guys.

idk if the other MOD's will agree with this, and maybe we'll have to wait for more members. But i thought this would be a funny theme. If ya'll took pics and pretended to be another member or w/e. i guess it's kinda like mocking, but it would be funny :P! if you all have any other ideas for themes, POST FOR SURE. Pleeeeeeeease promote because we definitely want more members so it can be fun for all of us, come on guys!! :D p.s. join _prettygems as well<3

But Yeah definitely start promoting ! :D <333


NEW Application

Name: Zach
Location: New Hampshire
Age: 22
Sex: Male
Status: Day to day

5 Bands/Singers: 50 Cent, Eminem, Tiesto, Kanye West, anything you can dance to and some other weird shit I wont post.
5 Movies: GoodFellas, Godfather, The Boiler Room, Kill Bill, Notting Hill
Quote: "dance like no one's watching, fuck like no one's filming"
Favorite Song Of The Moment: "everybody in the club get tipsy"

*Mommy, WOW!
What's Something You Can Do That Your Friends Can't: dance sometimes, make money sometimes -
How Far Have You Gone? Education wise: college stuff - sales is the only way to get rich
Job: duh - sales/real estate investments

*More In Depth
Who is the most important person in your life and why: my ex - she knows EVERYTHING about me and still puts up with me.
If you could meet any person, dead or alive..famous or broke as a joke, who would it be and why: The Donald (Trump) - He's done everything I want to do.
Why should we accept you: Because I am cool, mellow, hot and it would be mean not to. I get y'all some members too. Plus, I like a challenge, If I get beat down...I want to see where I need to improve.
Why did you join: someone linked me here a while ago, thought it was cool to be elitist.
Who invited you to this community: no one.

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