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Think your Hot Stuff?!

Show us what you got..

~ ♥ Hot Stuff ♥ ~
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

~This is a rating community...Guys and girls are welcome!
~Completely fill out the application.. leave no blanks.
~Must be at least 15 years old to be a member.
~You have 48 hours from when you join to fill out the app.
~Make questions bold so that it is easier to read.
~Must use an LJ-cut! If you don't know how, then check under the FAQ's or ask.
~Put Am I Hot Stuff? as the entry header so the mod knows you read the rules.
~You cannot vote until you are accepted as a member by the mod.
~This is a rating community therefore you have to be able to take criticism when applying.
~You must get majority vote to be accepted...if there is a tie.. the mod's vote counts as two.
~You are not allowed to be bitchy or rude to stamped members.. you will be banned!

~Once you become a stamped member you need to PROMOTE!
~Vote on all apps, don't pick and choose!
~You need to either put yes or no in the subject when voting!
~No promoting other communities unless you clear it with the MOD..
~Do your best to participate in themes and posting!
~You MUST let me know when going on a hiatus!! If you don't odds are you'll be put on the inactive list and removed! So let me know, make a post or drop a comment.
~Mod votes count as TWO!

What you do is you'd make a post challenging another member of the community that you think may not be "hot stuff" material, or for whatever reason, your choice. In your post behind a cut you post some pictures. The person you challenge then has 24 hours to reply. To reply you simply comment in the challenge post with your pictures, then everyone votes in the subject of their comment for who they are voting to win. If you lose or fail to reply to your challenge you are removed from the comm and have to either reapply or challenge someone else to get back in! You cannot challenge someone that is on hiatus!


~Top three bands:
~Top three movies:
~Fav book:
~Fav food:

Your opinions on:
~Pre-marital sex:
~Inter-Racial Relationships:
~Do you think that beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Or do you think that there is a strict idea innate within humans as to what the picture of beauty is?

~What's your biggest fear?
~What's your most embarrassing moment?
~If you were stranded on a desert island and could only bring one thing what would it be?
~If you had an hour to live what would you do?
~Why do you think you're hot stuff material?
~How did you hear about this community?
~Promote us and provide the link (DO IT! I check!):

♥Need to have at least 3 pics of yourself.. at least one good headshot.. and preferably no photoshopped please!
Also, please provide a 150x150 pic for the members page!

Your Maintainer/Mod:

♥Accepted Hotties♥

The Rejected