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Ok I'm totally against this because you dont' pick people cuz of their opinions..yes I know that was deleted but still that was ridiculous..sry if I can't spell dackaries! That should not have been a minus! And not picking people cuz of short answers...hmm maybe their opinion is just short on that particular subject. so if you really dont want me in here I'm happy to leave..don't be mad but I'm just a little ticked off right now about the responses that I got on my application. yeah, so now i'm done.

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Well, there's been some talk in the comments (as you all know) about how its annoying when people reject other people just because of thier view of different oppinions.. and how your oppinion is your oppinion..

I've been thinkin about it.. and decided that i just wanna make it so if you put a simple "bio" like name, age, bday, maybe some like hobbies or something just to kinda get to know them.. then you're accepted.. =)

***TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK OF THIS BECKY AND JILL... cuz i think i'm gonna go change it now.. =)***

Jennifer and Emily.. I'm really sorry that you were rejected. and i'd like to accept you now. You have a yes from me =).. please accept my appology.. =)

<33 Rachel
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