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..::Hot Gimmick::..
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(note* plz use the LJ cut option when posting big pictures, for some people may be on dial-up)

Hello and welcome to my Hot Gimmick Community :) even though my site is basically hot gimmick related. It is also for a wide variety of manga's :)

Now just to let you know. I myself havn't read alot of manga. I'm what ya can say a newbie :P So my personnal information on manga, isn't very knowlegdeable :) gomen :P

But anyways. What this site is about, is for newbies like me. Who want to get into manga. Is to have a few good slections too choose from :)

..::What this community will post::..

1. suggestions, on manga to read (list form is good)
2. pictures, from manga's or personnal fanart
3. bio's on manga's
4. personnal manga's/comics made by users, to post freely, and to get rated on
note* plz use the LJ cut option when posting big pictures, for some people may be on dial-up
5. wallpapers, winamp skins. anything related to manga's
note* plz use the LJ cut option when posting big pictures, for some people may be on dial-up

..::What is allowed by rating wise::..

i accept any type of manga's, fanart, personal manga's to be posted on my site, from comedy all the way to hentai, yaoi, yuri, and rape. you name you can do it.

Main rule though, when posting pictures which are PG related, use LJ cut, and put the rating and what it is. ex.

..::What is NOT allowed::..

basically i only have one rule. No harrassing other people, by making slander on their preference on what they like. ex. yaoi, yuri, or hentai. If you don't like this stuff, or find it offensive. plz leave. for i won't change my mind, on taking it off.

well with that all said and done :) enjoy posting, and i'll try to post some stuff here and there. when i get the chance too :) until next time

Je Ne

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