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..::Hot Gimmick::..

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HAPPY EASTER!!! [Thursday, March 24th, 2005

[ mood | bouncy ]

i know its a little bit early but knowing me i'll forget all about doing this ^^

i hope everyone has an AWESOME easter weekend ^^

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scanlations [Sunday, March 20th, 2005


if anyone are looking for scanlations like naruto, bleach, inuyasha, one peice etc etc. visit the following link ^^.

also what do u guys feel like me posting yaoi scanlations on here? if i get alot of no's i won't post any. ^^"

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ya just gotta luv updates ^^ [Sunday, March 20th, 2005

[ mood | nerdy ]

well i finally got my new manga's in ^^ and read them all. -_- yes i know i have no life (read them all in one day) -_-" well anyway on to my ratings ^^ *note these are my own feelings, not on other peoples oppinions, some people might not like them*

New Manga i bought and read Rating Guide:
***BIO'S will take u to another page ***

  • hana-kimi vol 4   - 10/10 *BIO* this story is awesome ^^ i'm still in love with it
  • girl got game      - 10/10 *BIO* this one is another MUST buy ^^
  • sorcerer hunters- 10/10 *BIO* if u seen the show, and loved it. then u will love the manga. heck who doesn't like a perverted guy getting whipped into shape by every girl he tries to hit on ^^ yes i'm sadistic so sue me lol a very funny show and read ^^
  • duck prince - 9/10 *BIO* the first vol was good but i see in future releases becoming another one of my fav ^^
  • cheeky angel - 7/10 *BIO* the reason this got a low rating, is that genzo gets really annoying after awhile. but its still good non the less

yaoi manga rating guide: (sorry only have one ^^ i'll try to buy more)

  • only the ring finger knows *BIO* good story ^^ funny ^^ but no action scenes -_- yes i'm a perv



  • hana kimi vol 5
  • sorcere hunters vol 2 version 2
  • duck prince vol 2 and 3
  • girl got game vol 3 and 4
  • hot gimmick vol 3 - 8

RELEASE DATES (sorry only have the one)

  • hot gimmick vol 9 - Jul 15 2005


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[Wednesday, March 16th, 2005

KAWAII DESU !!!! Love your backround image XD Ryoki X Hatsumi is my fav. couple XD
I'm also Hot gimmick Manaic so I would love to join your community ^-^

I love Yaoi too !!! What is your fav. Manga ?! I need a really good Yayoi manga to purchase next time ^^ Have you read demon dairy ? They keep saying its good ?! Or selfish Love ?

Girl Got Game you have to read it !!!! It AWESOME !! Now I read up till Vol 8 and I can't wait to get Vol 9 ...I hope it doesn't take time to release >_<

Cheeky Agnel or as people might know it " Tenshi Na konamaiki " its also SO FUNNY !! I like it . But I haven't read the manga ...I saw the anime ^^ totally worth it ^^
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Yaoi Scanlations :3 [Monday, March 14th, 2005

[ mood | ecstatic ]

hello everyone :3 i'm a big yaoi nut so i just had to share these scanlations i got from MIRC :3

The scanlation below has YAOI content in it. yaoi is boy x boy love, if this offends you plz do not click on the links provided for it.

scanlatar: nakama
irc channel : #desperate-love@irc.irchighway.net (http://www.sapphirus.net/scanlations/irc.php)
Title: Devil x Devil
vol: 1 & 2
format: .zip
Rating: N17
Content: YAOI

***SAMPLES***Collapse )

***DOWNLOAD*** (7 days available, expires on Mar 20th)

i had to do it through s4.yousendit.com for my webhost is having issues and won't accept my file. so this will only be available for 7days. if this expires and you still want it. let me know and i'll send it again :3 i just love this scanlation *dies from total bliss* 

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O_O [Sunday, March 13th, 2005

[ mood | sleepy ]

wow 10 members O_O i'm impressed O_O guess i should keep this site more updated on things huh

to > rectherapyfreak
i'll try and look for a site. where they have scanlations of 'boy over flower'. thats what u want right? or do u want a site where they sale the books?

speaking of boys over flower :) if anyone is interested in downloading the anime :) go too http://www.animeyume.org/index.php and search for the name 'hana yori dango' aka boys over flower :) i've downloaded it. and it follows the manga almost to the 'T' ^^ and of course since i want to support the distributers. i just bought the boxset ^^

now for scanlations.

i don't know if anyone here is interested in YAOI scanlations
(yaoi boyxboy love)
but if you are. here are some links. where you can download manga scanlations



Ratings on manga:

ok i'm doing ratings on new manga i have read so far within the month
(BIO'S will take u to another page)

  1. hana kimi - 10/10 ***BIO*** (funny ^^ a must read)
  2. kill me kiss me - 6/10 ***BIO*** (vol 1 was awesome but 2-5 went down hill)
  3. wallflower - 10/10 ***BIO*** (hillarious to read ^^ #10 in my books ^^ )
  4. demon diary - 8/10 ***BIO*** (good but could of been done a little bit better ^^ )
  5. hot gimmick - 10/10 ***BIO*** (i wouldn't of done my community to it if it wasn't good ^^)

Manga's on the way (in the mail) ratings will be up once i read them ^^
(BIO'S will take u to another page)

  1. duck prince ***BIO***
  2. sorcerer hunters vol 1 2nd edition ***BIO*** (the anime ROCKS ^^)
  3. cheeeky angel ***BIO***
  4. girl got game ***BIO***

Where i buy my mangas

  • EBAY
  • Akadot Retail (AWESOME store. fast, friendly, and they accept paypal ^^ US)
  • Comic Book Shoppe (a little slow on shipping but still good ^^ best part its a store in ottawa ON CDN)

well until next time ^^ Je Ne


*** bio***Collapse )
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[Saturday, March 12th, 2005

Just read up to 8 of Hot Gimmick. I love the story it amuses me greatly.

You should all try out Boys Over Flowers, it's my all time favorite shojou manga (actually it is what got me into it)

I can't wait for the others to come out!!! Does anyone know anyplace where they are already translated to english..like a web page or something.
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fanfiction [Monday, January 31st, 2005

ok i am having issues with my internet. but i know there is hot gimmick fanfiction here. for i've seen it. but my comp won't go too the site *huffs* but here is the link. most of u probably already know about it. but anyways :)


also. if anyone has any nice pictures from hotgimmick. which they would like to see as a winamp skin :) let me know and post the pic here using LJ cut. and i'll make that pic into a winamp skin :)

well i have to go too work :( so until next time

Je Ne
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:) if u like hot gimmick you'll luv these ones :) [Monday, January 31st, 2005

[ mood | cheerful ]

i'm sorry for not really updating this site. so to make it up :) i made a list on mangas i want to get, and one that read :D i'll be posting more. but i have to go too work soon :)

i borrowed a manga from caron and omg i am in love :D this book is awesome :D

*** MANGA I'M IN LOVE WITH ***Collapse )

this manga rocks :) i hope they bring more out. in japan there are 3 volumes :) gimmie gimmie gimmie :D

a couple of other mangas i want to get are:

*** MANGA'S I WANT *** (pictures with brief bio)Collapse )

all these manga's sound soooooooooooooooooooooo good. oh man if only i had TONS of money :D

Je Ne

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[Wednesday, January 19th, 2005

This community is a little slow,we have to get it up and going ^-^.

This may be a little off topic, but does anyone know of a fanfiction site
that had Hot Gimmick fanfics?

I haven't seen any. I doubt that people wouldn't write about the manga so I'm assuming there are fanfics out there...

Hmm, I think thats it for now.

Hope everyone had a good holiday!

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Release Dates!!! [Monday, January 3rd, 2005

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hot Gimmick vol 8:

[+]Date Available - Mar 15 2005

Will wonders never cease...? It appears that relations between the forever-hapless Hatsumi and her haughty quasi-boyfriend Ryoki Tachibana are on the up-and-up, but not if Ryoki's mom has her way.

Deeming Hatsumi unworthy of her heavenly son's affections, Mrs. Tachibana hatches a scheme for Ryoki to fall in love with an equally brainy, upper-class young lady. Will Ryoki drop Hatsumi like a proverbial bag of dirt when this new "little miss perfect" shows up?

Plus, an equally jaw-dropping flashback to Hatsumi's tiny-tot days that throws new light on how the veritable train wreck of her life got started.

Hot Gimmick vol 9:

[+]Date Available - Jul 15 2005

Our hapless heroine Hatsumi’s romantic woes are put on hold to provide ample time for her little sister Akane to experience the sweet sting of teenage love herself.

She’s tried flirting, she’s tried being rude, but no matter how hard she works at it, Akane just doesn’t seem capable of getting shy and cute Subaru to come clean about his feelings. Will a box of Valentine’s Day chocolate bring these two mixed-up kids together, or will Subaru forsake the look of love and watch Gundam reruns instead?

Later, Ryoki gets some shocking news from his father, and learns more than he wanted to know about his parents’ tawdry past - and their tangled relations with Hatsumi’s and Azusa’s folks too!


Wallflower vol 3:

[+] Date Available - Mar 15 2005

Wallflower vol 4:

[+] Date Available - Jun 15 2005

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[Monday, January 3rd, 2005

[ mood | anxious ]

Well I started a Hot Gimmick fic. Thought I post it. Please read and give feedback!

Untitled as of now
Author: Kiki
Summary: Hatsumi walks in on something she shouldn't have. Minor Azusa/OC, Mentions of Azusa/Hatsumi,Future Riyoki/Hatsumi
Notes: This is my first Hot Gimmick Fic. Characters are OOC. There is one OC but she isn't important. This is the first chapter and the story is incomplete. I'll use this as sort of a tester,if nobody likes it I probably won't continue.

Read more...Collapse )

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[Friday, December 31st, 2004

[ mood | drunk ]

                !!!!HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!!

                      ^-^ HOT GIMMICK COMMUNITY ^-^

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^-^ [Thursday, December 30th, 2004

[ mood | crazy ]

well i just finished reading the 6th book of hot gimmick and man am i in love with this manga. i can't wait to get 7.

but speaking of mangas. i am now addicted too this new manga i bought recently called 'demon diary' *squeezes manga*


Picture of 'demon diary'

story line:

Gods and demons wage a neverending battle with the mortal realm as their battlefield. As with most longstanding feuds, the reasons are no longer important - hatred is a way of life. But it is foretold that one would arise who could restore harmony between gods and demons. Enter Raenef ... heir to a set of demon royalty, he is hardly courtly material. The demon king assigns Eclipse to be his tutor, to mold Raenef into proper demonic shape. The two begin a journey of discovery and are soon joined by a human knight and a god-blessed priest. A compelling fantasy manwha adventure from Korea.


well thats it for today :) oh does anyone know. if there planning on making an anime / if there is one out already for the manga 'hot gimmick'? cause i think it would make an awesome anime :) at least i think so ^-^

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[Thursday, December 30th, 2004

[ mood | amused ]

Just joined here so I thought I would post....

List of manga that I enjoyed and recommend:

1. Hot Gimmick
2. Kill Me Kiss Me
3. Kare Kano
4. Full Metal Panic
5. SUKI a like story (very cute)
6. Yu Yu Hakusho
7. Comic Party
9. Comic Party-party time (this isn't drawn by Sekihiko Inui,the creator of Comic party. This one was drawn by some of Japan's up-and-coming artists.)
10. Love Hina
11. Rurouni Kenshin

Well that's about all I've read. By the way,kudos on this community.

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brand new community [Sunday, December 19th, 2004

[ mood | excited ]

hey everyone welcome to my new community. hopw everyone enjoys it. as much as i made it :)
well if your new. and don't know the jiff of this site. plz visit. 'live journal user info' section. and read up on the rules, and basic info on this community. well i have to go. sorry for keeping this short. but until next time

Je Ne

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