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Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus

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Colin Creevey - creevey_colin
Hermione Granger - savehouse_elves
Neville Longbottom - long_neville
Harry Potter - _boy_who_lived_ Position is vacant!
Ginny Weasley - __ginny
Ron Weasley - sidekickron

Cho Chang - _cho_seeker_

Draco Malfoy - _draco__malfoy_
Pansy Parkinson - __pansy
Blaise Zabini - blaise_slyth

Susan Bones - _susan_bones_

Rubeus Hagrid - hagrid_
Remus Lupin - in_moonlight
Mad Eye Moody - a_mad_eye_moody
Nymphadora Tonks - tonks_teaches

[Rules and Regs]

1] This is a role playing community.
2] You must have a journal for your character, obviously. It is also preferred for you to have your own personal journal.
3] No stalking anyone, please.
4] Any complaints about the above rule and you will be removed.
5] When sending owls, use the lj-cut.
6] You will be in the same house as the character you play is.
7] If you have any ideas on making this community better in any way, let us know at ooc_hogwarts_. It's what the comm is made for!
8] Slash is welcome.
9] This one is important. You must update your character's journal at least 2 times a week. No updating will get your butts tossed. There's a precedent for this in our community already. Get things done or you're out!
10] Experience isn't necessary, but it's happily welcomed.
11] When posting in ooc_hogwarts_ using your personal journal, please use a user pic related to your character, so we know who's who!
12] Absolutely no original characters.

Come here for discussion on plots, or anything that would be deemed out-of-character (ooc_hogwarts_)

If you would like to join our RPG, please fill out the application (click here)and post your responses as a comment to that same entry.

acangie and dawnsdream