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hogwarts__ is a brand new Harry Potter Slash Friendly roleplay community on livejournal. It takes place in Harry's 6th year where the Order is starting up again and unexpected events are about to happen!


Aston - dmmagiklmaiden


1.Please be consideriate of the other players. We are here to have fun, and not to bicker with other people.

2.Please stay in character. All OOC posts should and will be made at hogwarts__ooc

3.Slash and het are permitted. You may do what you want with this, but please be considerate of other players that don't want to read what you are doing with your 'partner'. Therefore, if you are up to something, put it in a cut tag.

4.If you want to plot a plan, please do so on AIM. It makes everything a lot easier than doing so with tons of other messaging services. If you don't have AIM it is a free service, www.aim.com.

5.If you have a plot which involves a lot of characters it would be in best considiration to ask Aston first. However if it is a minor storyline, go ahead and do it.

6.Don't take things happening in this game personally. Its only a game and we are here to have fun. You aren't your character.

7.If you should leave on vacation let's say, please contact Aston and I will hold your character until you get back.

8.Please post at least once every week. Again, there will be certain circumstances if you are away. If you don't post, we will have to contact you and give you a fare warning

[Characters List:]

Fred Weasley -
George Weasley -
Lee Jordan -
Katie Bell -

6th Years:
Harry Potter -
Ron Weasley -
Hermione Granger -
Parvati Patil -
Lavender Brown -
Seamus Finnigan -
Neville Longbottom -
Dean Thomas -

5th Years:
Ginny Weasley -
Colin Creevey -

3rd Years:
Dennis Creevey -
Natalie McDonald -

2nd Years:
Euan Abercrombie -

6th Years:
Hannah Abbott -
Susan Bones -
Justin Finch-Fletchley -
Megan Jones -
Sally-Ann Perks -
Ernie Macmillan -

5th Years:
Zacharius Smith -
Eloise Midgen -

3rd Years:
Eleanor Branstone -
Owen Cauldwell -
Laura Madley -
Kevin Whitby -

2nd Years:
Rose Zellar -

7th years:
Cho Chang -
Roger Davies -
Marietta Edgecomb -

6th Years:
Mandy Brocklehurst -
Padma Patil -
Lisa Turpin -
Morag McDougal -
Terry Boot -
Su Li -
Michael Corner -
Anthony Goldstein -

5th years:
Luna Lovegood -
Serena Fawcett -

3rd Years:
Orla Quirke -
Stuart Ackerley -
Emma Dobbs -

7th years:
Alexander Montague -
Warrington Pucey -

6th years:
Draco Malfoy -
Pansy Parkinson - dmmagiklmaiden Aston
*Daphne Greengrass -
Blaise Zabini -
Theodore Nott -
Milicent Bulstrode -
Tracey Davis -
Gregory Goyle -
Vincent Crabbe -

3rd Years:
Malcolm Baddock -
Graham Pritchard -

Hogwarts Staff:
*Headmaster Dumbledore -
**Professor Severus Snape -
Professor Minerva McGonagall -
Professor Sibyll Trelawney -
Professor Sprout -
Professor Filius Flitwick -

Sirius Black -
Remus Lupin -
Rubeus Hagrid -
Nymphadora Tonks -
Lucious Malfoy -

You must be 14+ to join. You'll also need to send in an application to join.
Send it one of the mods below and we will reply by e-mail to tell you if you have been accepted within 2-5 days. If you don't recieve anything you probably were not accepted! Sorry!
do NOT join if you're not going to have enough time to play in the RP, or if you just wanna join because 'everyone else is doing it' do not just leave & abandon your character, you must stick with it!
You will also need a icon. If your character has not yet been revealed in the movie series than please find a celebrity (actor, singer, etc) that looks similar to your character, find a picture of them and make a 100x100 icon of them. If you need help making one, please e-mail the picture you wanna use, and your characters name to the Mods and tell us you need help making an icon.

[To Apply:]
This is a closed community, which means that you can't post until we make you a member. If you're interested in joining, please e-mail Aston and fill out the following application as specifically as possible:

Aston: muziklemaiden77@hotmail.com

[About You]
Your name:

Your age:

Your OOC journal (if applicable):

Character Journal (If already made):

Your AIM Screenname:

[About Your Character]
Character's name:



Sexual Preference:

A biography of your character:

Family history:

SAMPLE IC (1st person) JOURNAL ENTRY (at least two paragraphs, and a paragraph is 4 sentences!):

What are you hoping to do with your character? (i.e. plot ideas? relationships? angst?):

if u type like dis, forgit it.