[closed to Ron]

Hermione strolled leisurly along Diagon Alley, occasionally sticking her head into shops to look about, or see if anyone she knew were around. So far, she found no one but Neville, who was nervously shopping for school books with his grandmother.

Continuing to linger around, she sat on a bench to read the "Daily Prophet," not noticing a particular red head approuching.
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When: After reading Hermione's journal.
Where: His and Draco's hotel room. Bavaria.
Who: Draco.

Harry's journal lay open on Hermione's latest entry. He felt horribly guilty. He want to see her so much, she had mention she was sick and he hated not being able to be there for her.

anyone like to visit?

Hermione lay tucked tightly into her bed. She was feeling ill and horrible. She had already made her way through piles of books that now lay stacked beside her on the floor. Sighing, she flopped down on to the pillows, hoping she could find something to do, soon, before she collapsed.
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Hermione sat at the end of her bed in Ginny's room. Her trunk lay open in front her as her things were charmed by Mrs Weasley to fold and lay themselves into the trunk. Tears sat swimming in her eyes at the thought of why she was going home. But she needed to leave until things quieted down some.

Sniffling, she closed and locked the trunk, picking up the end of it. She looked around for Crookshanks for a moment and caught him by the tail, dragging him into the cat carrier. She closed the door behind her, and started down the stairs.
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Closed to Padma

Seamus was asleep in his home, with his head under the pillow, and the blankets pulled over his head. His mum had come into the room explaining that someone was hear to see him, causing him to jump out of bed and quickly change. He ran one hand through his hair, before heading out of his room and down to the foyer of his house where he saw Padma. He smiled and walked over to her, "Hey, Padma."

The Leaky Cauldron

A long black haired girl walked into the Leaky Cauldron, she wear light blue jeans, and a tight white sweater under her long white winter coat, walking inside she hung up her coat. Padma slowly went to the front counter, looking around at the tables where the witches and goblins hang out, she looks to the counter where an older man stares at her, his dirty beard hinds many things.

"What will it be, I don't have all day."

Padma looked up at him, "Sorry....um can I get a butterbeer please," letting her hair fall into her face. Padma watched as he pulled the drink into a mug, then he hand it over, waiting for his money. Padma reached into her small bag around her shoulder and pulled out a few coins and put it on the counter, and walked away taking the empty seat in the corner.
Padma looked around the room, she was waiting to see if Terry would meet her here, she was taking a break from her mum and dad and all they're singing.

Padma took her seat at the table and took small sips of her butterbeer, pulling out her DADA book, and looking though some pages.
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