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[16 Mar 2004|12:57am]

[ mood | OMNIPOTENT ]


Changes! Well, one. Going friends-only. Members-only, really. It's not going to affect anybody already signed up. SECRET CLOSET FANGIRLS/BOYS (we know you exist :P), can join here. We just want to be able to control who's looking at this stuff because we're megalomaniacs we get all protective and >:O when we see strange troll-ish people on the watched-by list. Membership's not going to be restricted (well, technically it is, but just comment here to be added). This way we get to brandish the mod-sticks and ban the fuckwits. WO!

Gratuitous picture of Ralph's naked bottom:

O.OCollapse )

That is all.

9 ~ Hmmm...

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