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So... thoughts on finale/season overall? [Sep. 24th, 2011|11:14 am]
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I've hated Elise for nearly the whole season, and Carrie was my favorite. (Tommy too, even though I knew he had no chance to win--but he was cute in that 'derpy puppy' way). But when it came time for the final 4 to run the pass? I was all for Elise being in the top two. Personally I think the only reason Will got the spot is out of pity.

The finale, to me, was so heavy-handed that it was just ridiculous. As soon as Paul started on the 'dead mother' thing, like, five minutes into the show, it was obvious he would win. No doubt he deserved it, but it just seemed so gimmicky regardless.

What'd everyone else think?

[User Picture]From: your_nonentity
2011-09-24 03:38 pm (UTC)
Will should've won in the long run. No one did as well during service than Will. No one was as consistently amazing as he. It sucks that one service had to cost him the job.

I'm very happy for Paul, I think in the finale he did a great job, but the editing of the episode soured his win for me. The mother thing, and this "most passionate contestant ever" shit. I'm not gonna deny his passion, but it made it seem like no one else was passionate in this competition and it wasn't fair on Will.

Elise is a bitch, but she deserved to make it to the final three. Tommy did well, but he wasn't going to win. This was the right final two and despite how I wish Natalie was on black team, anyone who says the final two should've been otherwise is incorrect and probably didn't watch the show.

Idk, this season was okay. The girls kinda sucked it and a lot of them were unlikable (Elise, Carrie, Jamie, Jennifer...), but at least in terms of the final two and overall cast, it was a step above last season.
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