chinchiller (chinchiller) wrote in hellskitchen_,

Mod post

With the recent start of the new season of Hell's Kitchen, I just wanted to leave a reminder to post all spoiler information behind a cut until at least a week after the episode airs. Thank you for helping keep the community drama-free. :)

For a bit of discussion, does anyone have a favorite chef yet?

  • Season 13 Anybody?

    I am excited! Anybody have a favorite cook yet?

  • Questions for The Fans of HK

    Has anyone been watching the latest season of Hell's Kitchen? If you have what do you think of it? Thanks in advance horrorfangirl

  • So who do you think will win?

    Okay I watched the first part of the season finale of Hell's Kitchen and the final two are Christina and Justin. And when it came down to the…

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