your_nonentity (your_nonentity) wrote in hellskitchen_,

Just finished premiere

Quick thoughts...

I think everyone's said enough about Joseph, so I won't go on too much. I just hope GRamz doesn't sit him down and try to talk him into shaping up. He's gotta go. He's not even the least bit endearing. He's just a douche.

I'm SO happy Louie got kicked off first though. I couldn't take a whole season of his sexism. Or just his mouth in general.

I do think this is a man's season again. Jim and Kevin are the guys to beat at the moment. Tony's adorable, but he needs to go soon. Who's Andy?

And I'm probably the only one not offended by Van. Yes, he's too violent, but I think he can learn. He was never called out on his inability to cook - just on his attitude. I think he deserves another chance. I'm glad he wasn't nominated, and I hope he can change and grow throughout the competition. I don't want him to win, and I don't think he has a chance in hell, but I think he's kindof underrated. If he was asked to say the nominations, he would've said them and why. He's not nearly as obnoxious or bad as Joseph.

Unfortunately, as happy as I am to see Robert back, I don't think he's gonna win. At all. =/

The girls all annoy me. Lovely should've been nominated and eliminated first (but the girl who did go first deserved it more than the girl next to her). Tenille annoys me, as does Sabrina. On the latter, she is not gonna be the hottest winner. She's not even remotely attractive. I absolutely HATE Suzanne. Such a cuntrag. I like Amanda and Ariel. Moreso Ariel, although I don't know why. I'm hoping for an Ariel/Jim final two at the moment, even though it's such a strech.

The casts of this show get worse and worse every season, I swear.

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