your_nonentity (your_nonentity) wrote in hellskitchen_,

This season slays me.

I'm just gonna say this -

It doesn't matter if they're there for "ratings" or w/e (not really anyway because it's a general consensus on who should win this season and it's not either of these two jokers). If we have a Bendrea final two, I'm going to fucking lose it. Andrea is no Lacey, and Ben is only a stoke behind Seth, but if they're the final two, I'm probably going to quit HK. or at least contemplate it.

Let's face it, Paula and Danny are the only ones worthy of the title. So far, he has delivered us winners that were worthy every season. Why stop now? One of them has to win, and I don't even like Paula.

I do have a feeling that it will be a Ben/Paula/Danny final three because they were the only ones explaining exactly how their restaurants were gonna look and how they were feeling at the Borgata. But still. Bendrea final two = BAD IDEA.

On a final note, as much as I didn't want him to win, I really hope Robert's okay. Idc if people are happy to see him gone for the sake of seeing him gone - possible heart disease is nothing to cheer about, and I hope he's fine now. I didn't want him to win. I didn't even want him in the final three. But I cried. Ngl. He's a doll, I hope he's doing alright now.

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