April 13th, 2009

Just some questions

1) Last week during the show, mom turned to me and said 'After all this, I actually want to try a beef wellington.' I'm the same way, and curious to try some of the other repeat dishes they keep using. I know Ramsay has about a million and one books out, but I can't really buy them all. What are the most recommended? (I'm also intrigued by an autobiography, but has he written one himself, or was it by a corporation?)

2) Any recent news on the S1 and S2 winners? I only just started watching S3 (I already saw S4, so I know who wins, unfortunately)

3) This one's a bit personal, but, did we ever find out what happened to Rachel from S2? After watching S2's finale, I googled to see if Rachel and Heather ever got together (I got that romance-lovey vibe from them) and was shocked and depressed to find out about Rachel's death. She was definitely one of my favorites. All the news reports I read just said the death was 'under investigation' (I read on a forum it was via gun shot to the head, but not if it was intentional)

4) Has anyone in this community ever tried out for HK? How was it, how far did you go, etc?

That's all for now. Thanks!
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