June 21st, 2007

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Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares

I'm posting a JPEG of a story from today's Daily Mail (UK) and am doing so because this story originally appeared in the Daily Mail yesterday. What is weird is that I read the story yesterday morning and sent the link to some pals. When I had a moment to return to the Daily Mail to reread the story and prep it to post here well, the story had disappeared! It was off of the home page and the link no longer worked; I'd get a message telling me the article I wanted was no longer available.

Lo and behold it appeared again in today's Daily Mail HOWEVERthis new version of the story was shorter, reworded, and the really juicy details and descriptions omitted. Interesting. I wonder if Gordon's people caused a stink?

Anywho, in case something ELSE happens, I have pulled a copy and PDF'd it for your reading pleasure... in case it again disappears before the end of the day.


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