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=D I got e-mails. I love getting e-mails. Especially when I'm on Hiatus and don't check my e-mails for a while.


It's raining today.

I love working when it rains. Always gives a certain
spring to my step, eh? It's hell for the rifle. Always
rusting over. Not like I ever mind polishing it,
though. *chuckles*

On to business. The Major is asking me to "take care"
of some superpowerful vampire called Alucard. It
shouldn't be too hard. Never lost a battle, and I
don't plan on losing one now.

The Major has never appreciated my help, you know.
Never. I can't help it if I get a little bit carried
away and destroy entire zeppelins when I'm in a good
mood. I think he's more mad at me when I get into a
bad mood. And when I'm bad, I'm horrible. *very toothy

I generally get no trouble from my soldiers. Except
from that cocky little werewolf. How I would love to
just take my rifle and--Ah, Rip, you're thinking those
dark little thoughts of yours again, aren't you? *wags
finger scoldingly* You shouldn't think so evilly of
your comrades.

Until next time, take care mein herr.

And don't forget to look over your shoulder. ^_~

For Alucard:

Their laughter echoed through the hallway, a haunting, eerie sound that
followed by bloodcurdling screams and squelching, wet, thudding noises. 
scent of blood filled my nostrils, rousing my hunger.

That laughter was annoying.  And their scent was not of True Undead.

It stank, like the countless artificial freaks Hellsing had fell over
past months.

"Targets confirmed.  Releasing the control art restriction system to
three.  Situation C.  Keeping the power restriction unlocked until the
target has been silenced."  The room darkened, and I sensed everything,
everything that happened.  The group of fledgling freaks looked around
confusion, stepped back from their victims, wondering why suddenly
senses were dulled.

I continued down the hallway with a smirk.  These were no different
from the
other artificial vampires, and would fall easily.  I'm going to have a
little fun.

"Who the hell is that?"  one of the males spoke, as I emerged from the

"A fedora?  Who wears one of those anymore?  Let's kill him!"  A female
spoke up, and I chuckled darkly at their reaction to my choice of

"Your kind are more like fleas than proper vampires,"  I smiled
at the children.  "What have you gained by killing these humans?  A joy
ride?  A thrill?"

"Shut him up already!"  one of the older fledglings called out angrily,
drawing a Colt .45 from his coat.

Bullets flew through the air, like a thousand hornets, tearing into my
flesh, blood flying from the wounds.  When my body fell, their
nervous at first, intensified into victorious rejoicing, then derisive
insults, then confused and frightened mumbling.  I coupled what was
laughter into my own, and before totally reforming and rematerializing,
.54 Jackel's muzzle was right in their faces.  A single shot, and their
leader was knicked back, turning to dust before he hit the ground.

Terrified, the others ran.  It did not help them;  The bullets fired
from my
gun hammered into the backs of their heads and through their backs to
chests, littering the ground with blood, dust, and maggots.


The darkness lifted, and the starlight shone into the building once

Another beautiful moonlit night...

Alucard #2:

integra is making me write this - its preposterous, but i love taking orders from that human. hers is indeed the sweetest i have ever tasted, the loveliest trickle of warmth that awoke me from my slumber.

Hmm. the truth is, i dont take orders from humans. why do i do these things? only for her, that searing flesh waiting for me to give her the gift of immortality. how long will she hold her head up high?

as for that policegirl, it thrills me to think of what she will become, soon.
i can almost taste her now.

Er...... and that's what I have at the moment. o_O;

Happy Voting.


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