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hellogoodbye_'s Journal

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Hellogoodbye is a band from California on Drive-Thru Records.

Forrest: vocals, guitar, ukulele, and then some
Travis Head: bass
Mike Nielsen: drums
Joseph Lemble: guitar
Travis Head: bass
Joseph Marro: keyboard, guitar
Andrew Richards: guitar, ukulele, mandolin

Hellogoodbye is all about having fun. What started out as a casual recording project in one boy's bedroom quickly became the most lighthearted rock-dance-roll band around today. They may not be able to sell a ketchup popsicle to a woman in white gloves but they could probably bring a smile to her face. more?

Do not come here and promote your own community. This is for Hellgoodbye fans, if they want to join a community about something else, I'm sure they will look for it... you will be banned from the community if you don't follow this rule.

It really isn't necessary that you tell us that you have a new lj name, so please don't make a whole post telling us about it.

If you're going to post pictures, please put them under an lj cut. If you don't know how, don't post and go read the FAQ to find out how, thanks. If you do so, and the picture is too big, you will be asked to put them under an lj-cut. Also, if you're going to post a lot of pictures, do not save them as .bmp.

If you can't meet these standards, don't bother joining.

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